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Aug 08, 2023

Get ahead with digital out-of-home

Dayna Lang
Author Dayna Lang

Digital out-of-home is the perfect way to get ahead and stay ahead in the world of advertising. So, what is digital out-of-home? 

Ads are everywhere and so is digital out-of-home. In many people’s daily routine they will see ads on transit, in airports, on billboards, and on benches. But what DOOH (digital out-of-home), does is take these ads farther – replacing still images with engaging, digital signage. Times Square is a perfect example of this, with towers of digital signs that capture the imagination of millions of passersby every day.

What’s incredible is how this technology continually evolves. Digital ads aren’t new, but DOOH is going farther now with better tracking capabilities and greater efficiency in media buying. Now is the time to hop on the bandwagon, before it’s full.

Everything you need to know about digital out-of-home

As technology evolves, DOOH grows and new programmatic capabilities, made possible with AI, let advertisers use DOOH for far more than brand awareness. DOOH has grown to become a channel for activation, and even conversion. 

While DOOH faded into obscurity a little throughout lockdowns over the past couple years (2020-2022), that wasn’t because of a lack of capability, it was due to a lack of movement. After all, ads aren’t effective if they can’t be seen. But with people out and moving again, DOOH is back and growing faster than ever

Digital out-of-home technology continues to grow and evolve at a rapid pace. By investing the time in it today, savvy marketers can establish themselves as DOOH experts. This new(ish) frontier is an opportunity to stand out and make a splash.

You can find out more about OOH strategy in our guide to out-of-home. Also, be sure to take a peek at our other digital out-of-home articles to help get some ideas for your future DOOH ad strategies. 

DOOH is now available on illumin

Digital out-of-home is now available on illumin. We couldn’t be more thrilled to offer this incredible opportunity for programmatic advertising on our platform. 

You can now conduct your DOOH planning and purchasing in illumin, making journey advertising more intuitive than ever before.  

This latest launch from illumin is one of our most exciting yet and we can’t wait to help you with all of your DOOH needs. To hear all about it, check out our post announcing our partnership with broadsign

Also, be sure to book a demo today to learn all about how illumin can help you color outside the line items for your next digital out-of-home campaign.



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