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Jul 14, 2023

Digital out-of-home tips and tricks

Dayna Lang
Author Dayna Lang

Get your digital out-of-home campaigns ready for success with some of these tips and tricks.

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) is continuing to soar in 2023. Perhaps you are already using DOOH to drive conversion for your brand, or maybe you’re looking to learn a bit more before taking the plunge. Either way, there are a few key things to note before sending your next DOOH campaign into the wild. 

Media planning for digital out-of-home

The first step in your DOOH journey is media planning. It is important that you consider when and where your assets will be placed. Be sure to consider what placements you’ll buy, your creatives, and where you want your ads to be seen.

Speaking of placements: to drive conversions, consider using media with high dwell time and high frequency. A good example of this is ads in subways and transit hubs in combination with a few select billboards in order to hit that sweet spot and earn customer trust without overwhelming them.

Location for digital out-of-home

The next important consideration for advertisers is where they buy. Advertisers need to consider where potential customers live and commute in order to ensure their ad is seen by the target audience. Busy streets with a lot of foot traffic (such as Times Square) would be a great example.

Additionally, by blanketing areas known to be frequented by potential customers, advertisers can ensure their target customers feel as though a brand is everywhere – making them far more likely to check it out. 

Ad placement is critical to success. A poorly placed ad simply does not make an impact, no matter how well it is planned and no matter how powerful its creative is. 

Creative for digital out-of-home

Speaking of, creative is the next stage of making the perfect digital out-of-home ad. Similar to other advertising formats, the creative is what drives a DOOH campaign. It gets attention, makes audiences think, and encourages engagement. 

For DOOH, the simpler the better. Consider making something straight forward but eye-catching and be sure to use a strong CTA. Your logo needs to be prominent and a visible URL, promo code, or QR code isa great way to encourage on the spot engagement from your audience. 

Budget for digital out-of-home

The next critical factor is budget. When creating Digital Out-of-Home ads, advertisers need to invest enough to create a long-lasting, meaningful impression on their audience.

Your target needs time to consider options and move through the customer journey before converting;  it’s important your brand remains front of mind the entire time. This means having too small a budget simply isn’t effective. 

That said, while it would be nice if budgets were unlimited, that just isn’t the reality. If advertisers want to keep their CAC down, they need to limit their ads. 

Over-saturating the market can lead to higher CAC and drive away potential customers who feel overwhelmed or annoyed. When deciding on a budget, it’s important to consider balance and find a number that reflects a strong presence without overdoing it. 

Measurement for digital out-of-home

A final consideration for your digital out-of-home journey is measurement. While not as fun a consideration as creative, measurement is critical. Understanding how often an ad is viewed and associating that with conversions lets marketers see their successes and failures so that they can make adjustments, improve, and create the most impactful ad campaigns possible. 

For DOOH, measurement can be done in two ways. Advertisers can use data from pre/post and from direct attribution in order to analyze the success of their campaigns. By using data from both, marketers can get the best sense of how an ad is performing. 

Digital out-of-home is here to stay. By taking the time to understand the ins and outs of DOOH advertising, marketers can master the billboards of the future and achieve the very best outcomes for their ad-spend. 


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