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Nov 29, 2023

What makes this ad great: Skittles – Beauty the Rainbow! Taste the Rainbow!

Dayna Lang
Author Dayna Lang

A great ad makes it easy to reach new audiences, increase engagement, and gain new customers.

But what is it that makes an ad great? Skittles think they may have found the secret formula with their latest Taste the Rainbow campaign. 

This eye catching addition to the advertising campaign is a conversation starter that places the brand onside with customer interest and privacy. With user and customer privacy being such a prominent and important topic in current public discourse, this campaign is as topical as it is funny. 

The combination of humor and engaging conversation make this ad stand out from the competition. Wanna hear more about the it? Go see it for yourself! Check out the Skittles commercial below:

Topical subjects garner engagement 

The Skittles commercial easily garners audience engagement with its subject matter and catchy visuals. By engaging the audience in a discussion about data privacy and illegal monitoring, it places Skittles firmly on the side of the consumer.

One of the reasons why audience engagement is crucial is the valuable insights it provides. By actively involving the audience, marketers gain a better understanding of their needs, preferences, and opinions.

This enables them to tailor future events or marketing campaigns to effectively meet the audience’s expectations and deliver a personalized experience. This, in turn, leads to increased satisfaction, loyalty, and even advocacy. 

Purpose-based ads can be effective at drawing in new audiences, not only do they draw attention to brand values, but they engage audiences in conversations – expanding brand awareness beyond the run-time.

This, in turn, creates a lot of brand recall to those consumers and to those who have seen the commercial as well.

By connecting with audiences through topical content, Skittles builds ongoing, meaningful engagement. 


Funny antics keep it light

While the ad’s subject matter could easily get a bit heavy for a candy commercial, the humor of it creates a light and happy mood.

Juan Isaza, Vice-President of Strategy and Innovation at DDB Latina and the President of DDB Mexico, says that “humor is perhaps the most powerful tool for brand building.”

One 2022 study from Oracle found that 90% of audience members are more likely to remember a commercial if it was funny. The same study also found that 48% of audience members said they didn’t “feel they had a relationship with a brand unless it made them smile or laugh.”

By including humor in its commercial, Skittles is making a memorable connection with its audience that is sure to resonate over time.   


Attention advertising at its best 

This campaign brilliantly grabs its audience’s attention and relies on that attention to build brand awareness. This makes this campaign a great example of attention advertising. Attention advertising refers to a shift away from traditional performance markers like reach and impressions, and towards markers like viewability. 

Attention advertising relies on a volume of audiences having the opportunity to view an advertisement and creating a shareable advertisement, like this, is a great way to ensure it is seen by as many audiences as possible. 

This kind of advertising gives marketers a more comprehensive picture of their target audience and lets them understand who is seeing their advertisements and how those advertisements are consumed.

Also, by focussing on engagement levels, marketers can better assess the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.

With this campaign, Skittles effectively combines humor and topical commentary in order to get attention, create conversation, and build engagement with its audience.

This campaign has the social impact necessary to garner awareness and put Skittles front and center in the minds of candy lovers everywhere. 

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