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Aug 09, 2023

The best book campaigns for novels and bookstores

Dayna Lang
Author Dayna Lang

Book publishers and bookstores have produced some truly awe inspiring ad campaigns over the past several years. These campaigns inspire imagination and work to impactfully target readers around the world.

World book day 2023 is upon us and to celebrate the love of reading, here are some of the best book campaigns for from the past decade. 

There are a multitude of impactful ad campaigns for books and bookstores with unique creatives and eye catching visuals. These ads work to inspire curiosity – which is perfect for booksellers as it draws in customers and encourages audiences to buy a specific book or explore specific stores. 

Book buying was predicted to dwindle in the 2010’s with the advent of ereaders and audiobooks. They were also predicted to depreciate in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic. But not only have physical book sales remained strong, the addition of these other mediums has created a new revenue source for publishers and authors alike. 

However, there is steep competition in the book market. Organizations like The Love of Reading Foundation work to encourage reading for young people and to re-inspire adults to pick up a book in their free time.

Publishers and book vendors (both digital and physical) realize the importance of impactful advertising in the face of this competition.

By embracing journey advertising and targeting audiences accurately, bookstores and publishers can more effectively sell their books and keep the love of reading strong for generations to come. 


The top book campaigns and bookstore ads 

These are some of the most clever and eye-catching ads sharing the love of books and reading.

Burn after reading

fahrenheit 451

This copy of Fahrenheit 451 sends a powerful message with its matchstick cover and strike-paper spine. The book, famous for its book-burning themes, is as eye-catching as it is captivating.

This marketing initiative was launched by The Austin Creative Department in 2017 makes for a fantastic poster as well, sharing the importance of the novel’s message in addition to inspiring new readers to pick up a copy of their own.


Because you watched

because you watched book campaign

Brazilian bookstore chain, Livraria Cultura, is responsible for this bold and captivating campaign that cleverly plays off of the“because you watched” playlists that are common among major streaming services (like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ – all accessible on your connected TV).

The familiar throwback draws in the eye of audiences who might not otherwise think of grabbing a book, encouraging them to consider a novel instead of a show next time they crave a new story. 


Life in five seconds

life in 5 seconds book campaign

These minimalist ads brilliantly show the theme and message of Life in 5 Seconds, an inspiring novel by Matteo Civaschi and Gianmarco Milesi,published by Milan-based H-57. This book of more than 200 stories is celebrated by this series of pictograms, which play off of the book’s cover as well.

Also, since each story in the book can be read in just a few minutes, these ads capture the spirit of the book perfectly.


Become someone else 

become someone else book campaign

This campaign out of Lithuania for the country’s Mint Vinetu bookstore is stunning. It’s no wonder why this campaign went viral on social media with its creative and captivating images.

Everyone has at one point in time dreamed of being someone else, and many readers feel that books allow them to actually do it – if only for a short time. In an effort to inspire others to explore their dreams, these posters show readers and their favorite characters as one and the same.  

Creative and thoughtful ad campaigns can make or break booksellers in a sometimes volatile market. A good ad (like the ones above) grab attention, inspire imagination, and encourage new and veteran readers to grab a book, find a comfy chair, and enjoy a world of words.


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