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journey advertising February news spotlight
Feb 24, 2023

February 2023 Spotlight on Journey Advertising

It’s no secret, the world of advertising is changing, evolving, and converging. This means it can be hard to know where to focus energies and what to work on next. We’ve rounded up some of this month’s most relevant news stories to help keep you on track. 

From new product launches to detailed reports and novel ideas, these stories will get you caught up with the latest in journey advertising. 


Latest: Acast’s New Study Aims to Increase Knowledge Around Programmatic Ad Buying

Titled “The Rise of Programmatic Podcast Ad Buying”, this study is a fantastic source of knowledge. Answered by over 500 marketers and advertisers in the US, this research aims to better inform marketers about behaviour surrounding programmatic advertising. According to the study, only 42% of US marketers said they have a detailed understanding of programmatic advertising, and yet nearly 60% have bought ads programmatically in the past.  

“Podcast advertising and programmatic ad buying are in this moment of simultaneous, rapid growth, yet there are still so many myths and misunderstandings about both held by media buyers,” said Elli Dimitroulakos, the Global Head of Ad Innovation at Acast; “As the first study that looks specifically at programmatic ad buying in podcasting, this research enables Acast to better meet the needs of advertisers by first understanding – and filling – the knowledge gaps that are so prevalent in the industry.” 


Media Value: Currency or Measurement 

2023 is a game-changing year for media and marketing. The entire consumer journey space is headed toward convergence and automation. Seraj Bharwani breaks down the problems with data collection and infrastructure silos in his latest piece for Adweek. This incredible article discusses the importance of seamless customer journeys, using the latest technology, and finding the right messaging to ensure consistent marketing results. 


What’s Coming: Curated Programmatic Marketplaces

In curated programmatic marketplaces, demand-side platforms, agencies, and exchanges are all looking to ensure the available supply of high-quality inventory. Advertisers are also currently buying their programmatic ads from opaque marketplaces. All of this being said, slowly but steadily, there is an increasing demand for a more curated programmatic marketplace. 

This piece from Digiday explains the importance of curated programmatic marketplaces. 


Everything is ”Connected” (TV)

Connected TV is now an essential part of the media mix. CTV advertising offers precise targeting, larger reach, and a lower barrier to entry. This guide on CTV advertising from illumin gives you every you need to know about connected TV marketing. 


Ad Fraud: The Many Losses and Misses of 2022

According to research by Business of Apps, publishers lost $81 Billion to ad fraud in 2022 alone; ad fraud losses are also estimated to hit $100 Bn by the end of 2023. These startling numbers show the scale and importance of preventing fraud in the advertising industry.

This article from inc42 explains how to spot and prevent ad fraud with simple best practices. 

  • Check out the article here: inc42


BNN Bloomberg and illumin: The AI Advantage 

Tal Hayek, our co-founder and CEO, joined BNN Bloomberg to discuss journey advertising’s potential and illumin’s role in shaping the advertising landscape. illumin provides agencies and brands more transparency and control over their ads through our journey advertising platform, delivering exceptional outcomes. 


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