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Programmatic advertising trends
Dec 01, 2023

Programmatic advertising trends to watch in 2024

Dayna Lang
Author Dayna Lang

If you want to yield the best advertising results, then Programmatic advertising is the most effective way to do it. Programmatic ads do away with “hit or miss” results and are a more reliable and efficient way of advertising. 

With programmatic, marketers use an algorithm to better understand the best placements to spend their ad money, making more informed and impactful decisions. 

Programmatic advertising is also great for connecting and resonating with audiences, offering increased scalability, optimization, and improved results. Brands can use programmatic strategies to effectively purchase ad space in relevant mediums and publications, increasing their results and improving the ROI.

Whether you conduct your programmatic advertising in-house, or externally via an agency, it’s important to keep track of changing trends to optimize your campaigns. While there are a ton of predictions for 2024 – this is how we think the year is going to shape up. 

Cross-channel and omni-channel ads are essential to programmatic advertising

In 2024, there is going to be a rise in cross-channel and omni-channel programmatic advertising. Brands need to utilize various channels, including mobile, video, display, and voice ads, to reach customers as they consume entertainment on different devices. This trend grew in popularity in 2023 and will continue to grow in importance next year. 

CTV is gaining momentum 

CTV has become an important part of a holistic programmatic strategy and next year it is going to continue to grow in impotence as more and more customers “cut the cord,” turning to streaming and smart devices to consume TV.  Programmatic ad buying and serving currently makeup almost 9 in 10 CTV ad dollars, according to eMarketer. This share is still rising and in 2024 streaming will continue to make up a greater portion of advertisers’ video ad purchases. 

Networks’ opening up to programmatic advertising

According to eMarketer, in 2023 more TV networks opened up to the idea of greater budget fluidity. As a greater number of viewers opt out of cable and turn towards streaming, linear and CTV markets will converge, making programmatic strategies essential. 

This means that it is in the networks’ interests to incorporate programmatic deals into their commitments. Disney is one network that is already ahead of the curve here.

The ad market is going to continue to adapt to this shift in audience behavior and ad-buying strategy, with networks and advertisers finally starting to approach the topic seriously, and in 2024 there is going to be ample traction. 

Cookieless marketing is on the rise

Google has been talking about eliminating third-party cookies for some time and has continued to postpone their commitments, but 2024 just may be the year they pull the plug. This means cookieless marketing will have a massive boost in growth and reliance on contextual data will be of the utmost importance. 

Many advertisers are warming up to the idea and are utilizing AI and machine learning (ML) tools to fill the gap. As a result, we will likely see a boom in AI data collection and processing and Google’s imposed deadline approaches. 

As programmatic advertising continues to gain popularity today, new and exciting trends will keep popping up – keeping marketers on their toes. Keep informed on all the latest by following illumin on LinkedIn and Twitter and keep your eyes out for further programmatic predictions and other advertising news and updates.


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