Letter From The CEO: “We Are Here To Help”

Dear Clients and Partners of AcuityAds,

We’d like to take a moment to recognize the individuals, families and businesses that are being impacted by the current pandemic.

We stand in solidarity with you and all communities against this very real and challenging threat.

What we’re doing to help:

  • On Wednesday March 25th, 2020 at 2PM ET, our Chief of Strategy, Seraj Bharwani, will be leading a webinar on the major shifts in consumer behavior resulting from the current Coronavirus pandemic. Early data indicates a noteworthy change in media consumption and shopping preference across industries, with major implications for advertisers. We invite members of our community to register for this webinar here to learn how to adapt your digital advertising strategies during a shift in consumer behavior.
  • Most of our team is working from home and utilizing web conferencing for all meeting opportunities worldwide.

While we are cognizant that some spending will be impacted, we acknowledge the benefits of continuing advertising efforts to support brand recognition and strength.

Our teams are available to you during this time, as always.

You should expect no interruption to your programs or services.

We are here to help, and encourage you to reach out to us whether you require consultation, strategy or assistance with your daily digital routines, or campaign optimization.

Stay safe and healthy.



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