Programmatic advertising that does more for agencies and their clients.

illumin DSP for agencies

Programmatic advertising that does more for agencies and their clients.

illumin DSP for agencies

Target, Engage, and Convert

illumin makes it easy to target, engage and convert online audiences through omnichannel digital advertising. Our decision science uncovers each consumer’s unique value to your clients’ brand, helping them form meaningful connections, maximize their marketing impact and grow their business.

Connect the consumer journey and perfect your media strategy

There are lots of DSPs out there, but none that connect the consumer journey and deliver actionable insights like illumin. A connected journey allows you to control ad creative and frequency at each stage, set alternative paths and optimize performance based on user flow.

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Why agencies choose illumin™

Unmatched targeting

Optimize performance with AI-powered look-a-like audience modelling
Our prospecting algorithm assesses users based on a variety of behavioural signals and finds commonalities among your best performing audiences—helping your clients meet new customers faster.

Test and learn ecosystem

Discover your next best engagement
and accelerate performance
illumin opens the door to actionable data in a closed-loop test and learn ecosystem. Utilize the decision tree function or create alternative paths to discover what media mix and messaging works best for each audience.

Omnichannel execution

Manage ad reach and frequency across devices
From display, to native, video and CTV, omnichannel execution along a connected path eliminates ad duplication and improves user experience, ensuring your ads capture attention.

Insights that empower

Enable data-driven decision making
Not all impressions are priced the same or create the same impact. illumin shines a light on the most effective and cost-efficient route to conversion so your clients can get the most from their advertising spend.

Trusted by agencies across North America

Don’t just take our word for it

One of the things that I love about partnering with Acuity is how illumin really looks at the customer journey across various points of entry. It allows us to target consumers appropriately whether they're at the beginning of searching or much further down the funnel —making for more meaningful interactions.

Ed Gold Gold Consulting Group

I've used several programmatic platforms and this is the most user-friendly and logical. The lay out minimizes user errors and it is easy to upload and manage campaigns. Reporting is complete, fast and intuitive. The customer service is top-notch.

Marc B.

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    Our platform is so intuitive to use, you don’t have to be a programmatic expert to use it. Take advantage of our self-service option and activate your campaigns in as little as a few weeks.


    Let our team of programmatic experts manage your campaigns so you can stay focused on building your brand.

    Partnerships you can count on

    We’ve partnered with many inventory, brand safety and measurement players from across the programmatic ecosystem to ensure your clients’ can promote to the right people, protect their brand, and have transparency in ad performance.

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