AcuityAds Announces the Top Performing Super Bowl LII Ads as Rated by True Reach®

TORONTO and NEW YORK, Feb. 7, 2018 /CNW/ – AcuityAds Holdings Inc. (TSXV:AT) (“AcuityAds” or the “Company”), a technology leader that enables advertisers to connect intelligently with audiences across video, mobile, social and online display advertising campaigns, today released results of the top performing Super Bowl LII advertising campaigns based on data collected by its True Reach® insights platform, which was acquired as part of the Company’s acquisition of Visible Measures in March 2017.

The True Reach® platform produces MRC accredited metrics for video and provides a holistic view of all publicly available data for campaigns, including all official uploads, copies, and user generated clips.  Rather than just looking at a single source or asset, True Reach® captures the number of times a video campaign is viewed across top video websites (including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

Seraj Bharwani, Chief Strategy Officer at AcuityAds describes the power of this technology as follows: “True Reach® captures the most comprehensive online video audience viewership data anywhere.  Over 500 million video ads have been tracked on major media platforms since 2007 offering normative benchmarks on a full spectrum of ad creative.  Real-time access to in-category share of attention data and viewership benchmarks deliver unprecedented insights on ideal media allocation for optimizing brand reach, frequency, engagement, and return on ad spend.”

During Super Bowl LII forty-three campaigns from thirty-nine advertisers were tracked, which resulted in 55 million video views online on game day alone.  In addition to the official TV spots that aired, advertisers uploaded more than 260 pieces of video content online.

Celebrities Help Brands Garner Attention This Year

In total, the forty-three advertising campaigns that aired during Super Bowl LII represented over 464 million video views and 7.5 million social interactions (comments, likes, and shares) across the internet by end of day Monday after the game.  Of those 464 million views, over 19 million were social views, views that occurred on user-generated video content such as copies, spoofs, and commentary.

Of the forty-three campaigns, fully 21 featured a celebrity and those 21 campaigns represented nearly three quarters of the total Super Bowl LII True Reach® views online.  Furthermore, these 21 campaigns were responsible for 93% of the total Super Bowl LII social views.

Tourism Australia Wins The Internet

Tourism Australia resurrected Crocodile Dundee playing on international perceptions of Australia with a fake movie trailer, featuring stars including Chris Hemsworth and Danny McBride. The campaign ranked in the number one slot according to True Reach® insights garnering over 58.1 million views, 6.6 million social views and over 1.4 million social interactions.

The Top Ten Brands Represent Two Thirds Of All Video Views

Leading brands were responsible for the majority of the total video views online. The top ten campaigns alone captured over 300 million views by the Monday morning after the game. In the top ten list are Tourism Australia, Amazon, Doritos / Mountain Dew, Budweiser, Bud Light, Pringles, Groupon, Michelob Ultra, Intuit and Stella Artois.

AcuityAds Top 10 Videos Chart Powered by True Reach® Insights Platform

Rank Brand Campaign Name Agency Views
1 Australia Tourism Australia Dundee Droga5 58,127,761
2 Amazon Alexa Loses Her Voice Lucky Generals 53,153,263
3 Doritos, Mountain Dew DORITOS BLAZE vs. MTN DEW ICE Goodby, Silverstein & Partners 51,053,274
4 Budweiser Stand By You David Miami 32,257,171
5 Bud Light Dilly Wieden + Kennedy New York 26,485,895
6 Pringles Wow Grey New York 21,718,508
7 Groupon Super Bowl 2018 O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul 18,902,126
8 Michelob ULTRA The Perfect Fit FCB Chicago 17,109,037
9 Intuit A Giant Story Phenomenon 13,551,312
10 Stella Artois Taps Mother 12,422,134

**The top 10 Super Bowl ads that aired nationally during the game, ranked by total views as of the morning of 2/5/2018.

AcuityAds will continue to release the weekly Top 10 Viral Video Chart based on data from the True Reach® platform. This chart is commonly featured on Ad Age.

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