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Jun 15, 2023

Annual Shareholder Voting Results

TORONTO and NEW YORK – June 14, 2023 – illumin (TSX:ILLM, Nasdaq:ILLM) (“illumin” or “Corporation”), a Journey Advertising technology company that empowers marketers to make smarter decisions about communicating with online consumers, today announced that, at its annual and special meeting of shareholders (the “Meeting”) held earlier today, all director nominees were elected as directors of the Corporation, as follows:


Nominee Votes “For” % Votes For Votes “Against” % of Votes Against
Tal Hayek 13,181,160 99.180% 109,037 0.820%
Sheldon Pollack 13,158,788  99.011% 131,409 0.989%
Roger Dent 9,362,515  70.447% 3,927,682 29.553%
Paul Khawaja 13,223,126 99.495% 67,071  0.505%
Igal Mayer 13,161,017 99.028% 129,180 0.972%
Michele Tobin 13,227,046  99.525% 63,151 0.475%
Yishay Waxman 13,159,138 99.014% 131,059 0.986%


In addition, the other items of business at the Meeting, being (a) the re-appointment of auditors of the Corporation, (b) approval for the Corporation to change its name from “AcuityAds Holdings Inc.” to “illumin Holdings Inc.” (the “Name Change”), and (c) approval of the unallocated awards, rights and other entitlements under the Omnibus Incentive Plan, were also approved, as follows:


Appointment of Auditor
Votes “For” % Votes For Votes “Against” % of Votes Against
18,294,193 99.834% 30,494 0.166%


Approval of the Name Change
Votes “For” % Votes For Votes “Against” % of Votes Against
18,891,185 99.655% 65,458 0.345%


Approval of Unallocated Awards, Rights and Other Entitlements under the Omnibus Incentive Plan
Votes “For” % Votes For Votes “Against” % of Votes Against
9,218,247 69.361% 4,071,950 30.639%



About illumin:

illumin is a journey advertising platform that enables marketers to reach consumers at every stage of their journey by leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms and real-time data analytics. The Corporation’s mission is to illuminate the path for brands to connect with their customers through the power of data-driven advertising. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, illumin serves clients across North America, Latin America, and Europe. illumin is a business name of AcuityAds Holdings Inc. which the Corporation uses as an operating name for its business.


For further information, please contact.

Daniel Gordon

Investor Relations Manager


416-218-9888 investors@illumin.com

Babak Pedram

Investor Relations – Canada

Virtus Advisory Group Inc.



David Hanover

Investor Relations – U.S.

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