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a guide to illumin
May 28, 2021

What’s new with illumin?

Author Lyndsie Wise

Welcome to the first edition of what’s new with illumin®. We’ve just introduced several impressive new features to illuminate your path to smarter decisions and better outcomes.

Ad Format Support

SkipStream™ Custom Video Player

skipstream player - illumin

Our custom video player SkipStream™ is now available in illumin for video creative, allowing an overlay of interactions and performance reporting based on your brand’s Share of Attention™. The SkipStream™ video player is customizable and puts the control in the viewers hands. Advertisers pay when a consumer completes their video or engages for at least 30 seconds, whichever comes first. Users have the option to skip the video after a 5-second preview if they’re not interested. Advertisers who utilize the SkipStream™ ad format for a video campaign have the option to analyze pre- and post- campaign Share of Attention™ metrics as the technology harnesses all publicly available view data for video campaigns during the time period of the campaign and tracks how content performs in real-time. If you are interested in Share of Attention™ analysis on your next campaign, get in touch with your CSM.

Journey Intelligence

Increased Efficiencies with Managing Path Level Conversion Conditions
Protect your budget and minimize waste with path-level conversion conditions on the illumin platform. Marketers can now fast forward a consumer to the end of the journey or direct to a specific path in a conversion stage with more cost-effective assets specially created for repeat converters.

Simplified Journey Validation
Customers can now run a journey validation any time on any draft or unpublished journey to preemptively detect any potential issues, conflicts, or errors before publishing without the need to publish a journey.

Brand Safety & Fraud Prevention

DoubleVerify Brand Safety
All AcuityAds technology users, including illumin, now have access to DoubleVerify Brand Safety and Viewability pre-bid targeting options. DoubleVerify authenticates the quality of digital media, ensuring viewable, fraud-free, brand-safe ads.
doubleverify logo illumin

Privacy & Tracking

3rd Party Verified Tracking on Display
Iillumin customers can now track using 3rd party verification methods like Moat or DoubleVerify, in place of pixel tracker on its own while adding or managing the display creatives.

Integration with Metarouter
Customers who leverage Metarouter for tracking user actions on their website properties can now leverage Acuity Platform Metarouter integration to share information with Acuity without the need to place and maintain Acuity pixels on their websites.

Metarouter logo illumin

3rd Party Verified Tracking on Display
illumin customers can now track using 3rd party verification methods like Moat or DoubleVerify, in place of pixel tracker on its own while adding or managing the display creatives.

MOAT logo illumin

Insights & Reporting

Advanced Route Reporting
Customers can now generate advanced route reports in illumin containing detailed information and a complete breakdown of how customers flow through the journey. Advance route reporting allows for an easy way to identify the most cost-efficient routes, most effective routes, or routes that generate the most clicks or conversions.

Medium Insights
illumin customers can now access Medium-specific information, helping them understand the share of impressions by medium in each stage and use that information to reallocate budgets or update the journey to achieve the desired media mix.

new illumin medium breakdown screenshot

Audience Segment Insights
Customers can now access detailed segment performance information allowing for easy identification of top-performing segments for each stage, comparison between segments, and additional segment-specific insights such as the number of touchpoints, time in the stage, and cost per stage transition.

new illumin segment distribution screenshot

Additional Reporting Dimensions
These enhancements apply to the illumin Report Builder, which now includes the following dimensions:

  • Page Group ID: When used with Page Group ID, this new dimension will provide the proper context within your report
  • Site Domain ID
  • Site URL
  • App ID
  • App bundle
  • Segment Type (also new in Acuity Platform)
  • Segment ID (also new in Acuity Platform)
  • Segment Name (also new in Acuity Platform)
  • 3P Fees (also new in Acuity Platform)

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