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Webinar - Onmichannel Journeys
Jul 23, 2021

Webinar: How to measure the impact of omnichannel consumer journeys

On July 22, 2021 we hosted another webinar in our IAB series on How to measure the business impact of omnichannel consumer journeys. The session explored how advertisers and agency buyers can take control of the consumer experience with real-time intelligence. Featured speakers included:

  • Seraj Bharwani, Chief Strategy Officer
  • Max Dobbs, EVP, Enterprise Sales
  • Jake Heiser, Sr. Director, Enterprise Solutions


Key takeaways:

There are four major shifts happening in marketing and advertising right now that can help organizations get the most from their advertising spend:

  1. From a generic funnel to custom journeys
  2. From channel-centric messaging to journey-stage messaging
  3. From a channel-specific measurement to cross-media sales attribution
  4. From post-fact measurement to real-time insights


Case studies

Speakers shared real case studies on how marketers are addressing each of these shifts through omnichannel advertising automation.  Case studies from a quick service restaurant (QSR) and leading mattress retailer showcased the measurable business impact and deeper campaign insights they were able to achieve through this approach.

The QSR case study tackled the age-old question, does sequential messaging do better in advertising? Results proved yes, but it’s not just about testing one sequence, but a variety of sequences to see if there is a particular order that makes a difference. In this QSR example, leading with a limited time offer led to a 10% higher return on ad spend compared to leading with messaging on all-time favorite sandwiches. The follow-up messaging also mattered – impacting the most efficient route to conversion.

The mattress retailer case study explored how conversion-only journeys compared to fully-connected journey activation. Fully-connected journey activation referring to a programmatic campaign that nurtures users through the awareness, engagement and conversion stages using different creative and messaging at each stage and using AI to dynamically insert users into the most appropriate stage of the funnel.

Results proved a significant improvement in campaign performance by way of a full-funnel approach, including a 20% higher average order value.

Key considerations when building out your omnichannel campaign

  1. The balance between remarketing, acquisition and branding
  2. Ideal frequency and cadence
  3. Optimal media mix


Watch the complete webinar replay below.



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