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a guide to contextual targeting
Jun 16, 2021

Webinar: Can contextual targeting substitute for third-party cookies?

The digital advertising industry has come full circle in recognizing the role of contextual targeting in reaching the right audience along the consumer journey.

Learn from the pioneers of contextual intelligence and journey automation like Ken Weiner, Chief Technology Officer of GumGum and Andrey Feldman, VP of Products at AcuityAds, in a discussion moderated by Seraj Bharwani, Chief Strategy Officer at AcuityAds.

Insights you don’t want to miss

  • What’s happening to third-party cookies?
  • Can context substitute for cookies?
  • What is AI-Driven contextual intelligence?
  • Can contextual intelligence deliver better audience precision and scale than behavioral targeting?
  • How can contextual advertising advance consumer privacy, brand safety, and the overall state of omnichannel, journey-based advertising?
  • Q&A discussion


Meet the experts!

Ken Weiner, CTO, GumGum

Ken Weiner

Chief Technology Officer, GumGum

Ken Weiner leads the engineering and product teams behind the industry’s top contextual platform for marketers and rights holders. An active member of the ad tech community, he holds an IAB Tech Lab board seat, is a member of the OpenRTB Working Group, and leads the LA AdTech Meetup for regional tech engineers and product managers. Weiner is also a frequent conference speaker and guest columnist for VentureBeat and Forbes. In 2015, he was named LA Business Journal’s CTO of the Year, and, in 2003, he was included in the InfoWorld 100 for his work on uPortal, an open-source web portal framework for the higher education community. Andrey Feldman, AcuityAds

Andrey Feldman

Vice President, Product, AcuityAds

Andrey Feldman leads Product at AcuityAds Inc, a decision science company empowering businesses to make smarter media buying decisions. As Vice President Products, Andrey is leading the company’s product strategy and product organization, including product management, design and user research. Prior to AcuityAds, Andrey was the CPO at Sprout @work – a healthtech startup helping employers identify and reward healthy behaviours. Andrey also lead a Product Management team at BlackBerry, starting the company’s IOT/M2M business. seraj

Seraj Bharwani

Chief Strategy Officer, AcuityAds

Seraj Bharwani is the Chief Strategy Officer at AcuityAds, a leading journey automation platform for omnichannel digital advertising. Seraj previously co-founded Digitas, a global digital advertising agency, and Visible Measures, a third-party digital video measurement company. Over the past 25 years, Seraj has done extensive research on viewership trends across digital platforms and is an authority on consumer trends and insights guiding the future of consumer marketing.

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