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Journey automation
Mar 31, 2021

Transparent addressability will power the future of journey automation

The disappearance of the third-party cookie is ushering in a new wave of digital advertising. Now, there are opportunities for advertisers to understand online consumer behavior through transparent engagement, and by ensuring all members of the “information supply chain” respect user privacy.

AcuityAds is proud to integrate with LiveRamp Authenticated Identity Infrastructure, which provides marketers with the ability to activate LiveRamp’s privacy-conscious, people-based identifier.

LiveRamp’s solution provides improved targeting, measurement, and optimization without cookies and other device identifiers across premium omnichannel inventory, including display, mobile, in-app, and connected TV (CTV).

“AcuityAds has always been an advocate of consumer privacy and relevance with regards to programmatic advertising,” said Tal Hayek, CEO and Co-Founder of AcuityAds. “Integration of people-based identity solutions for audience targeting will help advance our mission towards best practices for managing consumer identity as the industry transitions to a publishing environment based on consent-driven, first-party authentications.” 

With illumin, advertisers can extend people-based identity across omnichannel journey planning while optimizing the distribution of impressions across addressable media. Our journey canvas allows anyone to build and visualize consumer journeys across your desired format or channel with custom messages for unique audiences. 

“We are confident that in transitioning to enabling buying on LiveRamp’s identifier, we have found a solution that outlasts third-party cookies, while keeping consumer privacy at the forefront. We expect to transform people-based marketing on the open, independent web as a robust complement to the “walled garden” options for advertisers,” continued Mr. Hayek.


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