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Illumin: Your Journey Starts Here
Apr 17, 2023

From AcuityAds to illumin, and beyond

Tony Vlismas
Author Tony Vlismas

Goals, like the ad industry itself, continuously evolve. As we look to the future it only makes sense to take on a brand that fully encompasses the company we have become. Today, we are thrilled to announce that AcuityAds is fully embracing this evolution and the adventure ahead with the new brand it deserves.

Introducing illumin

As illumin, we take on the name of our state-of-the-art journey advertising platform and embrace the future of adtech. 

For us, our brand goes far beyond our logo; it is a promise we make to our customers. illumin is a brand that lets us tell our story – it shows our values, shares our vision, and defines our goals. 

illumin is ambitious – big and bold – and it represents our very best. 

As illumin, and with our customers by our side, we are fast approaching the next phase of advertising. Journey advertising is more than a new category, it is the industry’s future; we are excited to craft it, shape it, and embrace it alongside you. 

Say goodbye to AcuityAds

AcuityAds came to be in 2009, and the name and brand have served us well over the years. As Acuity, we had a simple yet audacious goal: to help advertisers make smarter media buying decisions. For many years our customers put their trust in us to help them find their online audiences. 

In 2020 this culminated in the launch of our journey advertising platform, illumin. The platform’s success has grown beyond our expectations. This growth leaves us at a crossroads where we’ve made the difficult decision to leave our Acuity branding behind and fully embrace the potential inherent in both illumin’s technology and the marketing mindset it fuels. 

As our solutions have matured, so have we, and our original moniker no longer encompasses everything that we are and everything we are capable of. As illumin, we can reach new customers, and build a marketing engine powered by a brand that is able to grow into the future. illumin gives our brand a purpose; a purpose that ties it to our mission. 

The future of advertising

With our journey advertising platform, marketers no longer need to stress about silos, cluttered line items, and adtech black boxes. illumin empowers marketers with the ability to plan and execute full journey advertising campaigns from discovery, to engagement, to conversion. illumin’s platform distills these complicated marketing strategies into an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface. 

Don’t be afraid to color outside the lines with new and creative technology, on a digital canvas that works the way marketers think. The illumin brand is a promise to continually make decisions from the marketer’s mindset. We are excited to see it grow alongside you, our customers, as we tell stories, find new opportunities, and explore new horizons, together. 

Tal Hayek, our CEO, says it best: “As consumer behavior evolves it’s essential for brands to have a holistic view of their customers’ journeys and the ability to evolve and pivot their campaigns alongside changing consumer behavior. illumin lets marketers engage with their customers in a meaningful way at every touchpoint, whether that be through display advertising, native ads, digital-out-of-home, or many other digital formats in between.”

Now and into the future

You may have noticed that our social media handles and website have taken on our new identity already (@illuminHQ); our stock market ticker (ILLM) has also changed to reflect this rebranding too. In the coming weeks, we will unveil a new brand promise and campaign, continuing to push our mandate (and the industry) forward.

I’m very proud of the work the team has done to get us to this point in our journey and look forward to the adventures ahead. I look forward to our full transition to illumin in 2023 – living our values and promises and putting them at the forefront of everything we do. We will continue to break the mold of advertising, break through those lines – and help our customers do the same!


Tony Vlismas
VP, Marketing