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super bowl most viewed video ads 2023
Feb 17, 2023

Most Viewed Video Ads Super Bowl 2023 

Dayna Lang
Author Dayna Lang

With the biggest football game of the year behind us, it’s time to talk about the most exciting part of the Super Bowl, and no, we’re not talking about Rihanna. Let’s take a look at the most viewed, and most successful ads of this year’s Super Bowl. 

This year saw one of the most viewed games yet. Maybe it was all of the fans tuning in to see Rihanna return to the stage after a lengthy absence, but whatever the draw – it’s no surprise to see viewership in the high millions. Over 36 million households turned on the TV to watch this year’s NFL finale according to Marketing Drive. Not to mention, total viewership for the top 15 ad spots was up 28% compared to 2022. With an audience that big – it’s no wonder that a 30-second ad spot was reportedly worth $7 million. 

Notable Brands and Memorable Faces 

There were many recognizable faces in this year’s Super Bowl ads and the top 15 most viewed include celebrity appearances from John Travolta, Elton John, Meagan Trainor, Melisa McCarthy, and many more. Not only were the faces familiar, the brands were too. 

As was expected, CPG brands were well represented, with 7 of the top 15 spots going to beer, soda, or recognizable snack brands. Pepsi and Doritos were heavy hitters this year, earning spots 3 and seven on the list. Since Pepsi relinquished its decadelong status as the Super Bowl Halftime Show sponsor this past May, it was exciting to see the clever story-telling they brought to the table with their action-packed and hilarious ad featuring Ben Stiller. 

Music was also a huge draw this year, with all of the top 3 ads featuring musical performances. The catchy tunes and famous faces proved to be a success. Total viewership for the top 15 ad spots was up 28% compared to 2022. This boost in viewership reinforces the importance of entertaining advertisements that draw on the emotions of potential customers. Here are some of the best Super Bowl commercials for 2023:


15 Most Viewed Ads of the 2023 Super Bowl

Rank Brand Campaign Release Date Views
1 Booking.com Melissa McCarthy in “Somewhere, Anywhere” 1-Feb 128,040,985 
2 T-Mobile New Year. New Neighbor 8-Feb 59,822,196 
3 Doritos Jack’s New Angle 12-Jan 58,842,907 
4 Rakuten  Not-so Clueless 31-Jan 50,444,611 
5 Michelob Ultra New Member’s Day 14-Jan 45,405,102 
6 Google Fixed on Pixel 8-Feb 42,822,827
7 Pepsi  Great Acting or Great Taste? 2-Feb 40,683,168 
8 T-Mobile Bradley’s Mom Knows Best   11-Feb 40,103,584
9 Heineken  Shrinking and Drinking  8-Jan 38,446,067 
10 PopCorners Breaking Good 18-Jan 37,434,115 
11 Bud Light Hold 21-Jan 33,805,430 
12 Skechers All Walks of Life 7-Feb 30,457,167
13 Squarespace The Singularity  30-Jan 14,949,382 
14 Dunkin’ Drive Thru’ Starring Ben 11-Feb 13,216,580 
15 Pringles The Best of Us 25-Jan 11,883,112

*Data collected from January 8 – February 15, 2023

Stand-out Ads from 2023’s Big Game

Pepsi: Great Acting or Great Taste?

With Pepsi no longer sponsoring the Big Game, it’s no surprise the cola maker went all out with their mid-game ad this year. Ben Stiller makes this humorous and light-hearted ad shine well after the video ends. 



Rakuten: No-so Clueless

Nostalgia makes the return of Clueless star Alicia Silverstone a massive success for Rakuten. The ad uses imagery and characterization from the classic 90’s movie to appeal to emotion and engage with the viewer’s imagination. 


T-Mobile: New Year, New Neighbour 

Catchy singing, throw-back classics, and some favourite familiar faces make this ad one to remember. John Travolta steps back into his Grease character’s shoes and sings a re-written version of the movie’s classic opening number – making this ad one to remember. 


Key Insights

The best ads from 2023’s Super Bowl had several similarities. Celebrities, music, and/or memorable movies were present in every ad, showing the importance of audience engagement and the value of appealing to viewers’ emotions through nostalgic imagery and entertaining storytelling. Here are some insights as to what works for brands’ Super Bowl commercials

Top 3 Insights: 

  1. Celebrity Reigns Supreme: Viewers are drawn to familiar faces and that is clear with this year’s top 15 ads. Every single ad on this list features at least one celebrity appearance. 
  2. Conversation Starters Keep You Relevant: The ads that have been the most successful this year are one’s that get the viewer thinking – and sharing with their friends to keep the conversation going. 
  3. Nostalgia Gets You Noticed: Everyone loves a throwback. Several of the ads on this year’s list rely on old favourites to make an appeal to emotion, including references to Clueless, Grease, and Breaking Bad. 


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