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Tax season
Apr 20, 2022

Most Viewed Video Ads: Tax Season 2022

Ready or not, tax season is here again. While this time of year may not be well-received by most consumers, taxes must be done and advertisers are eager to showcase how they can  make them a little easier on us. The Most Viewed Video Ads for the 2022 Tax Season provides a strong lesson in how to broach a topic that many people would rather avoid. 

What can advertisers learn from tax season in 2022? 

Both Americans and Canadians can look forward to some new incentives this year, like the increase to the Child Tax Credit for Americans and the increase to the flat-rate income tax reduction for those working from home for Canadians—but for advertisers, this simply isn’t enough to make people want to talk about tax time.  

To overcome this challenge, tax season advertisers stuck to the basics, reaffirming their value proposition and reassuring consumers that taxes don’t have to be confusing or a lot of work, thanks to the help of their tax solutions and services. The fact that tax season ads garnered a good amount of attention this year shows that sticking to the basics and honing in on the client benefit works.

Now let’s take a closer look at our list of the Most Viewed Video Ads for the 2022 Tax Season.


Most Viewed Video Ads: Tax Season

Rank Brand Campaign Release date Total views
1 TaxAct Cloudy with a Chance of TaxAct Jan 3, 2022 61,549,884
2 TurboTax Matchmaker Feb 7, 2022 17,945,729
3 H&R Block Get Expert Tax Help Fe 14, 2022 6,408,503
4 TurboTax Canada    TurboTax Break with Dalano Banton    Mar 9, 2022 959,034
5 H&R Block A Fair Shot Mar 1, 2022 674,700
6 ATC Income Tax ATC Tax Pros  Jan 19, 2022 319,431
7 H&R Block Oddly Satisfying Feb 9, 2022 292,700
8 TurboTax Canada Everything Jan 31, 2022 260,068
9 TurboTax Canada TurboTax Break  Apr 8, 2022 253,922
10 H&R Block Relaxation Jan 18, 2022      249,000
*Data collected by AcuityAds’ True Reach™ insights platform from January 3rd – April 14th, 2022 

Key Insights

1. Focus on the client benefit: Make it easy

Brands know that taxes are a pain point for many people, and so they’ve made sure to broadcast that they can make taxes easy. TaxAct’s first place video ad is a great example of this, although other ads on our list also found interesting ways to showcase how they can make tax season more bearable. For any advertisers looking to create a tax season ad of their own, demonstrating that you can make things easy is essential. 

2. Educate your audience: Navigating the ever-changing tax environment 

Almost two years of lockdowns have disrupted the lives of many people, and forced them to adapt and diversify their income streams, meaning that for many people, tax season is more complicated than it used to be. TurboTax does a great job of highlighting the different needs of the 21st century citizen in their second place ad, while also coming off as a trusted authority. 

3. Meet consumers where they are: Online tax help as a valid alternative 

Now that people have been normalized to the idea of video calls, there is an opportunity to cater to a new market segment: People who want hands-on tax help but don’t want to go anywhere. H&R block does a good job of exploring this opportunity, potentially throwing open the doors for more tax season advertisers to follow suit next year. 

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