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most viewed video ads pride 2022
Jul 21, 2022

Most Viewed Video Ads: Pride 2022

It’s the most colourful time of the year—Pride month! A time to celebrate LGBTQ2S+ communities and stand up for diversity and equality. And while rainbows and fierce displays of authenticity instill an air of joyous fun, the 300+ anti-LGBTQ2S+ bills proposed across 28+ states this year (source: Human Rights Campaign), remind us of the very real issues our communities are still facing. 

The Most Viewed Video Ads of Pride 2022 reflect this sentiment, with brands rallying around campaigns that transcend surface level glitter, leading with purpose, education and impact.


Top 10 Most Viewed Video Ads: Pride 2022*

Rank Brand Campaign Release date Views
1 Bubly Bubly presents: Coming Home 06/07/2022          5,833,579
2 Infosys Pride Campaign 2022 06/17/2022 5,456,183
3 H&M My Chosen Family 04/31/2022 4,763,255
4 GANT Pride 2022 06/02/2022 2,760,974
5 Postmates Introducing the Bottom-Friendly Menu        06/09/2022 1,153,411
6 The North Face The North Face Summer of Pride 04/23/2022 999,752
7 The Trevor Project     Stories of Pride: Rebekah 06/01/2022 592,190
8 Coach Go All Out For Pride 06/07/2022 480,842
9 Oreo The Note 04/04/2022 125,520
10 Hulu Pride Never Stops 06/01/2022 115,310
*Data collected by AcuityAds True Reach™ insights platform from April 4, 2022 – June 23, 2022


Education and impact

Many of the ads on this year’s Top 10 Most Viewed Video Ads for Pride 2022 aim to educate viewers on LGBTQ2S+ issues, and they aren’t just targeting those in the community. Instead they are a call for universal understanding and the creation of an army of allies. 

  • Oreo’s The Note, captures what it means to come out, elaborating on the idea that it isn’t a one-time thing, but instead a series of difficult and on-going conversations that must be met with love and patience. 
  • GANT’S Pride 2022 sheds light on The Queer Gaze — a deconstructing of traditional gender-based power dynamics that creates space to consider a more fluid perspective, inspiring viewers to do the same. 
  • Our favourite informative ad comes from The Trevor Project. It shares the story of Rebekah — a transgender teenager turned LGBTQ2S+ advocate who educates on issues relating to trans people in sports by sharing her personal experience. 



Ads featured in our Top 10 list not only educate but are all backed by brands who are committed to driving impact. As part of their Pride campaign, every single one has partnered with an organization that supports the LGBTQ2S+ community, whether that be the Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative, Pride Circle, United Nations Free & Equal Campaign, It Gets Better Project or others. It’s great to see so many brands doing Cause Marketing the right way, and not just rainbow washing. 


Pride at work

While the majority of the Most Viewed Video Ads for Pride 2022 came from consumer 

brands in retail and CPG, business services made an appearance with Infosys, an IT and consulting company. Infosys used their ad to tell an animated story of self-discovery at an inclusive workplace. Not only was this ad exceptionally executed, but as a B2B organization the campaign was especially effective in authentically communicating Infosys’ values of diversity and inclusion, appealing to not only potential customers, but current employees and future candidates. 



Don’t just promote it, live it 

Authenticity is a key theme of Pride and consumers are quick to see past any false pretenses of real support for the LGBTQ2S+ community. Preaching diversity isn’t enough. Brands must show that they embody and live the values they represent. That’s why Postmates’ campaign was largely created by a LGBTQ+ production team, including co-directors Loren Christiansen, Michael DeWeese and producer Hanna Stolarski. 

Another great example is Hulu. Their Pride Never Stops campaign is part of Disney’s, Reimagine Tomorrow—an initiative that solidifies the company’s commitment to amplifying underrepresented voices and championing the importance of accurate representation in media and entertainment. 


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