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May 10, 2021

Most Viewed Video Ads: Mother’s Day 2021

This Mother’s Day, retail brands are gaining attention as shopping restrictions ease up thanks to vaccinations. Gift service brands such as Teleflora, 1-800 Flowers, and Harry & David had a strong showing this year, all placing in the top 10. Jewelry and department stores are also making a strong return to embrace the gift-giving event.

Mother's Day

2020’s Mother’s Day MVVA was dominated by large tech companies like Microsoft, Facebook, and Google. This year, the only tech company in the top 10 is Samsung. A major theme of this year’s list is acknowledging the increased role of mothers due to the pandemic and includes retail brands such as Kate Spade, Victoria’s Secret, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and TJ Maxx.


Scroll down to see the top 10 campaigns with links to each video, and check out these memorable video ads from Mother’s Day 2021:



One of the most viewed video ads comes from T.J.Maxx whose light-hearted, two-minute spot racked up 13,116,723 views. The video embraces themes of the pandemic such as joining an online yoga class, taking up cooking, and cats; in the form of a parody music video.

Retailers like T.J.Maxx are preparing for shoppers to return to stores and saw the occassion as a chance to stay top of mind.



Italian luxury brand Bulgari teamed up with fashion & lifestyle magazine Vogue to produce an emotional short film titled “A Mother’s Legacy”. The spot is highly relevant, featuring newsworthy mother/daughter duo Vanessa and Natalia Bryant while highlighting luxury products for consumers who have been saving up during lockdown.




“Dear Moms, we wanted you to know that through all the ups and downs, you crushed it.” In their 30 second video, the flower delivery service Teleflora recognized the sacrifice that all moms had to make during the pandemic while balancing work, school, and supporting the family.

With the acceleration of vaccinations in America, retail brands are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel and understand the importance of Mother’s Day to stay connected to their audience.


Top 10 Most Viewed Video Ads from Mother’s Day 2021:

Campaign Views
1) T.J.Maxx – Put It In Your Cart 13,116,723
2) Harry & David – Mother’s Day 11,619,023
3) Dick’s Sporting Goods – Mother’s Day 2021 10,958,671
4) Samsung – #MakeMomEpic​ 8,906,001
5) Bulgari – A Mother’s Legacy 4,992,328
6) Pampers – Parents are Made from Love 4,721,371
7) Teleflora – Drawn to Mom 4,025,101
8) Kate Spade – Win Mother’s Day 3,406,697
9) Victoria’s Secret – Mother’s Day Sneak Peek 2,986,412
10) 1-800Flowers.com – MVP Moms 2,163,685

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