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Hispanic Heritage Month
Oct 22, 2021

Most Viewed Video Ads: Hispanic Heritage Month 2021

September 15 – October 15 marks Hispanic Heritage month — a yearly observation to celebrate the history, culture and contributions of Hispanic Americans. As the second largest Spanish-speaking country behind Mexico, brands in the States recognize the importance of targeting and tailoring their messaging to this growing community. The Most Viewed Video Ads for Hispanic Heritage Month 2021 reflect this, and the multicultural marketing imperative in an increasingly diverse world.


This Hispanic and Latin community: An unrepresented market?

The Hispanic and Latin community toppled demographic growth in the US in 2020, accounting for 51.1% of the country’s total growth or 18.7% of the total US population accounting to the US 2020. 

But despite this, Hispanic consumers make up a relatively small portion of advertising spend. According to the Hispanic Marketing Council only 6% of total industry investment is spent on targeting the Hispanic community. What’s more, 78% of Hispanic consumers don’t believe brands adequately target them, according to eMarketer.

Brands that aren’t making efforts to target multicultural audiences are missing a huge opportunity. In fact, 75% of consumers agreed they’re more likely to purchase from a brand when people who look like them are represented in their ads (Source: Iterable). 


Hispanic Heritage Month 101 

Hispanic Heritage Month first started off as a seven day celebration under President Lyndon Johnson in 1968, commencing on September 15  to coincide with the national independence days of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. It was then expanded to an entire month under President Ronald Reagan in 1988. Influence has also seeped into the north, with Canadian Parliament proclaiming October Latin American Heritage Month in 2018 in recognition of the Latin American community’s tremendous contribution to Canadian society.

The theme for this year’s celebration was “Esperanza: A Celebration of Hispanic Heritage and Hope,” envisioned by Victor Anthony Zertuche, an attorney-advisor at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 

His reasoning behind the theme: “The past year has been one unlike any in recent memory. For so many of us, our lives have changed. We’ve celebrated life’s milestones at home or spent holidays alone. But, despite how our world has changed, we’ve kept our eyes on the horizon, we’ve held onto our hope.”

“This theme celebrates our Hispanic heritage and our resilience. It provides us the opportunity to reflect on those who came before us and held onto hope to create a better tomorrow. It inspires us to recognize that we are stronger together and reminds us that, although we are apart, with hope we are not alone.”

The Most Viewed Video Ads for Hispanic Heritage Month 2021 did the theme justice. Let’s take a look at who topped the charts and some of our favorites. 


Most Viewed Video Ads for Hispanic Heritage Month 2021 

Brand Campaign Release date Views
Sephora Hispanic Heritage Month 15-Sep 1,441,479
FUD Connect With Your Heritage 15-Sep 1,246,018
Amazon Music La Cultura That Connects Us 14-Sep 819,100
Hulu Acentos Bienvenidos 10-Sep 790,228
Unilever Nos Inspiras Tu 23-Sep 606,087
Curacao Hispanic Heritage Month Sale 10-Sep 483,575
WWE Celebrating Hispanic Heritage 29-Sep 447,583
Target Más Que A Month 10-Sep 339,127
Victoria’s Secret #UnidosVS 15-Sep 247,813
Nickelodeon Join the Celebración! 10-Sep 219,499

*Data collected by AcuityAds’ True Reach™ insights platform from September 10 – October 8, 2021


Stand out ads


Amazon Music – La Cultura That Connects Us

Amazon’s La Cultura That Connects Us features cameos from Hispanic and Latin artists  narrated by Jharrel Jerome and perfectly captures the energy and passion of the community it represents. Jerome transitions between English and Spanish during the ad, a common characteristic among many of the Top 10. 

The campaign showcases Amazon’s ongoing efforts to target Latin music consumers. And for good reason — during the past year, the platform’s Latin music listener base grew 94% year over year according to Billboard.  


Victoria’s Secret – #UnidosVS

Victoria’s Secret’s campaign doesn’t feature their product at all, nor were they trying to sell viewers on anything. Instead, the company opted to feature Hispanic and Latin employees, who discussed their favorite parts of their culture. The authenticity of the ad is what makes it so effective. 


Nickelodeon – Join the Celebración!

Nickelodeon’s ad features an original song with colorful animation to match. It takes us on a history lesson, calling out key figures and contributors to Hispanic and Latin culture. 


Key takeaways 

  • Opportunity in multiculturalism: The Hispanic market represents a growing segment and there is a clear opportunity to do more in connecting with this audience. More broadly speaking, multicultural markets in general represent 100% of the population growth in the US and have huge untapped potential. 
  • Talk the talk: 66% of Hispanic consumers notice bilingual ad campaigns, believing they ‘reflect their own experience,’ per H Code, a Hispanic media company and 35% of Hispanic consumers say they’re bilingual. Intertwining Spanish and English into advertising campaigns is a great way to reach this audience. 
  • Walk the talk: More than just targeted ads once a year, to win audiences over brands need to show how multiculturalism is engrained into their very DNA. This means tailoring their message, product and offering to better serve niche audiences, supporting community initiatives and ensuring a diverse workforce 


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