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Jun 22, 2021

Most Viewed Video Ads: Father’s Day 2021


The most viewed video ads from Father’s Day in 2021 demonstrate a consistent overall upward growth trend in online consumption of video content during the pandemic. By contrast, cumulative video viewership for this year’s top 10 Mother’s Day ads drove 35% higher viewership (up 66% year over year).

The top 3 most viewed Father’s Day videos are from sporting goods and liquor brands capitalizing on celebrity-themed productions involving the likes of Charles Barkley, Ryan Reynolds, Nick Offerman, and Tony Hawk. While these videos are supported with paid media investments, they also leverage the celebrity fan base to drive viewership.

Most viewed Mother’s Day videos were from retail, jewelry, gifts, and personal care brands. Advertisers in these categories tend to promote the videos with substantial paid media investments, as well.

Check out three of our favorite campaigns that capitalize on the gift-giving holiday for dad, and scroll to the bottom for the top 10 list:


Celebrity cameos

Celebrities made appearances in several highly viewed campaigns this year. The number one spot from Dick’s Sporting Goods features NBA legend and now commentator Charles Barkley. Aviation Gin is second and their Father’s Day spot stars its celebrity owner, Ryan Reynolds, who shows us a new cocktail he’s dubbed the “Vasectomy.” Nick Offerman and Tony Hawk appear in Lagavulin and Flaviar’s spots respectively.


One for all, all for one

Video ads that promote diversity and inclusion have usually done quite well with respect to viewership. Inclusive themes involving foster care, LGBT parents, or a team coach with down syndrome are the emerging genre of video content that is being shared online.

Within the past year, Ritz has released an ad featuring a basketball team manager with down syndrome who went viral, and an LGBT-inclusive holiday ad. For Father’s Day, its ad focuses on the challenges of families who welcome a foster child into their home.


Shopping for that special someone who hates shopping

Father’s Day ads focus on frictionless shopping for that special someone in your life who is usually impossible to buy gifts for. This year, brands leaned into this narrative, serving up offers to trial products or get the gift every dad will enjoy: consumable goods.

Among the top 10 campaigns, food and beverage brands are represented 6 times. More specifically, alcohol brands are the highest represented industry, with 3 spots in the top 10.

Lagavulin Scotch teamed up with Nick and Ric Offerman to demonstrate Man’s bond with whiskey and offered a limited edition “father-son creation” to celebrate the event.


Top 10 Most Viewed Video Ads: Father’s Day 2021

Rank Campaign Name Views
1 Dick’s Sporting Goods – Play Through 17,823,923
2 Aviation Gin – Ryan Reynolds’ Vasectomy 10,816,930
3 Ritz Crackers – Foster Welcome 9,820,661
4 Wegmans – Happy Father’s Day 2,693,816
5 Lagavulin – Nick Offerman’s Father’s Day: Part Five 2,283,681
6 Nothing Bundt Cakes – Treat Day This Father’s Day 1,848,130
7 PGA Tour Superstore – Father’s Day 1,814,730
8 Grand Canyon University – Make This Father’s Day One to Remember 1,398,847
9 SCHEELS – Fathers Day 2021 1,091,149
10 Flaviar – The Best Father’s Day Gift 1,032,821

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