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Predefined report interface
Jan 06, 2022

illumin’s new predefined report interface has landed

Author Lyndsie Wise
Schedule recurring reports with ease and gain access to two new reports: Reach and Frequency and Time to Convert


illumin users, do you hear sleigh bells on the roof? It sounds like you’ve got one more gift to unwrap: a new predefined report interface! This is one gift that will keep giving, allowing you to generate reports on demand, save them for future reference, and schedule them for repeated delivery straight to your inbox. We’ve also added two new reports—Reach and Frequency and Time to Convert, allowing for even greater insight into campaign performance. 


As the number of touchpoints along the consumer journey increases, leading marketers are turning to intelligent reporting and automation in order to acquire and nurture high-value leads. In fact, the 100 most mature marketers, in terms of measurement usage, are 4X as likely to exceed business goals compared with the 100 least mature marketers [Source: Google / Brain & Company]. illumin’s new reports and reporting interface will help bridge this measurement gap, taking automated insight and reporting off your wish-list and making it a reality. 


The Reach & Frequency Report provides data on how many people were exposed to an ad and how many times that ad appeared for each person, alongside other metrics (such as conversions, CPA, cost CTR, etc). Speaking to 1000 people once is not necessarily better than speaking to 100 people 10 times, so you should use this report to uncover the sweet spot between reach and frequency in order to optimize your campaign’s performance.


The Time to Convert Report allows you to see how much time it took, on average, for your audience to travel through to conversion. It can also measure the effect of specific journey configurations on time to conversion, giving you the ability to test and evaluate what accelerates or delays campaign conversion.


All available pre-defined reports:

  1. Cross Device Report
  2. Cost per Stage Change Report
  3. Cost per Step Change Report
  4. Pathlight Report
  5. *New* Reach and Frequency Report
  6. *New* Time to Convert Report


See the new predefined report interface for yourself

If you’re already an illumin user, log in now and see the new predefined report interface for yourself. If not, click here to schedule a demo and learn how illumin can fulfill your programmatic needs and make campaign reporting easy.