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iab there 2021
Jan 21, 2021

IAB There: Advances in journey automation changing marketing landscape

Author Mona Motamedi


Advances in journey automation solve advertisers’ greatest challenge: “scaling consumer journeys on a platform that doesn’t require extensive training”. For the first time, marketers can test multiple ad sequences with 100% visibility into the consumer journey and the power of programmatic advertising.

AcuityAds’ Chief Strategy Officer, Seraj Bharwani sat down with IAB’s VP of Measurement & Attribution, Angelina Eng to discuss the implications of major behavioral shifts among consumers in the last 12 months and how automation will dramatically change the marketing landscape moving forward.

IAB There

Click here to watch the full presentation on advances in journey automation, and listen to Seraj and Angelina discuss:

  • Key lessons learned from 2020
  • Programmatic hot topics that are fueling innovation
  • The biggest trends and game-changers to expect in 2021
  • The importance of consumer identity
  • The strength of Connected TV in a streaming world