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BIMA: CMO year in review
Jan 29, 2024

BIMA: CMO Year in Review 2024

Dayna Lang
Author Dayna Lang

illumin was thrilled to participate in BIMA CMO Year in Review on January 11, 2024.

This exciting event let us gather with an insightful panel of CMOs to share ideas and compare best practices from the past year. Attendees could hear productive and unique reflections throughout the event, alongside exciting expectations for 2024. 

The panel held important discussions about marketing and leadership, tackling the state of CX, and how leaders can enhance the customer experience – a major priority for CMOs. Is the rapid development of tools and technology making it easier for marketers to create more engaging campaigns, or is it complicating processes too quickly for them to keep up? 

It was incredible to see so many strong leaders delve into the details of their favorite strategies for advancing contemporary marketing while analyzing the tactics and trends that made 2023 a success. Examinations of what worked and what didn’t grew into conversations about future trends and impactful changes. Where are leaders pushing their digital media strategies in 2024? Where are they investing? What patterns are worth paying attention to? Every conversation at BIMA was worth a listen. 

Alongside moderation from illumin’s own Seraj Bharwani, there were engaging appearances from Justin Holmes (Head of Marketing, Zipcar), Nancy Tao Go (CMO, Devoted Health), and Mekea Harvey (Director of Marketing, Greater Boston Food Bank).

BIMA year in review
BIMA: CMO year in review 2024
BIMA: CMO year in review 2024
BIMA: CMO year in review 2024
Seraj Bharwani at BIMA: CMO year in review 2024

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