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Black Friday shopping cart
Nov 27, 2023

The best Black Friday ads of 2023

Dayna Lang
Author Dayna Lang

Black Friday is the biggest retail event of the year. The revenue brought in by this post-Thanksgiving shopping spree  is critical for both the advertising industry and the retail sector

During the 1980s, Black Friday really began to take off and since then it has continued to experience year-over-year growth. With the rise of e-commerce, sales continued to evolve and Cyber Monday was born, becoming almost equally as significant a sales day for some retailers. 

Alongside a weekend of mayhem and ocean-deep savings, it’s not unusual for audiences to see some of the best ads of the year – and these are some of the best from 2023.

Walmart’s Mean Girls Black Friday ads

Walmart has released three stellar Mean Girls commercials to celebrate Black Friday this year, each with its own story. 

Jingle Bell Rockin’ – Walmart

This Mean Girls reunion is a masterpiece – it is both nostalgic and funny, bringing the bright colors of this cult classic film back to life. This commercial hilariously runs through the entire movie’s narrative in under two minutes, highlighting memorable moments, but with a fun Twist. 

Instead of a burn book and rumors, the mean girls and their next generation are focussed on the Black Friday deals coming their way. 

Walmart also released three follow up ads, Cady’s Wednesday, Gretchen’s Wednesday, and Karen’s Wednesday.  This series of Mean Girls Black Friday ads have been the talk of the ad world for almost a month now, and no one needs to ask why. These ads are clever, funny, and nostalgic – bringing out the holiday shopping spirit while providing endless shares. 


Black Friday Week is here – Amazon

This simple story captures the imagination, but it’s Amazon’s subverting of expectations that makes this ad great. While Amazon’s coloring and imagery sets a somber scene, it sits in contrast to the more up-beat narration and peppy-story-telling. This juxtaposition defies expectations and grabs the audience’s attention from the start.

By choosing to use toned down colors and emotionally charged imagery, Amazon sets up its audience for an emotionally-charged story, but quickly changes course with classic narration, not so subtly introducing them to ways in which their Black Friday deals can help customers improve their lives and take on new adventures. 


A Better Plan for the Holidays – Verizon 

This year Verizon opted to take a more holiday-themed approach to their Black Friday advertising. Afterall, a good portion of Black Friday shoppers are heading out hoping to start their holiday shopping with a bang. This funny and lively ad features a group of carolers, sharing news of Verizon’s new iPhone deal with a holly-jolly spirit. 

This ad, while relatively simple, has been effective, garnering 428.2 million impressions since its launch. As one of many holiday ads to be launched in November, Verizon’s success shows that sometimes short and simple is the way to go. 


These Black Friday advertisers used every tool in their advertising arsenal to capture their audiences attention, promote their sale, and create a shareable and memorable experience. This ensures that their messages are seen by as many potential customers as possible, and are likely to continue to garner views long after Black Friday is over. These 2023 Black Friday ads will definitely be a great talking point for the years to come.

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