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Mar 12, 2024

Marketers need to personalize their mobile ad creatives

Dayna Lang
Author Dayna Lang

Mobile ads provide the ideal opportunity to create tailored ads for targeted audiences. Personalized mobile ads ensure marketers have the biggest impact possible by providing users with engaging and relevant messaging, helping to build and maintain a positive relationship between brands and their audience. 

Mobile advertising uses features like GPS and smartphone data tracking to create personalized user profiles. This makes it easy for marketers to understand user preferences, demographics, location, and behaviors.

User data makes building tailored, custom campaigns for each audience segment relatively straightforward. By creating content that resonates with users, marketers can foster engagement and reach audiences that might otherwise ignore their efforts. 

Personalized mobile ads have the highest impact

Research from Adlucent shows that 71% of users prefer ads tailored to their interests and shopping habits and that 75% of users prefer fewer ads, more strongly aligned with their needs. This makes personalized ads an obvious win for both users and marketers. 

The kind of information marketers can leverage on mobile devices to personalize ads includes: 

  • Demographics: information can be gathered from a subscriber’s online profiles to create a general picture of age, interests, and nationality.  
  • Context: The duration a user is on a site or app when they log in, and where they log in from.
  • Behavior: Habits, interests, preferences, and history are easily collected to predict future needs and behavior. 

Mobile ads are the perfect outlet for tailored ads for several reasons. The one-on-one nature of personal devices and the opt-in nature of mobile ads are two key reasons why personalizing mobile ads makes so much sense.  

Mobile devices are one-on-one 

Mobile ads are great for personalization because of the one-on-one nature of mobile devices. Desktop devices, like PCs, are commonly used by multiple household members, making it trickier to create an accurate user profile. Mobile devices, on the other hand, are typically used by a single individual, making it easier to determine needs, interests, and preferences. 

Messaging in mobile ads can be tailored to a single user, making it more engaging and interesting. These ads generally result in better engagement than more broadly targeted ads on desktop devices. 

Mobile creatives can be customized by location 

For users who’ve turned their location settings on, marketers can create location-specific messaging. This can mean marketing specific locations of their retail stores or restaurants or it could mean altering language to better fit local slang and dialects. Having geographic data lets marketers easily tailor ads to those who want to see them most. 

Personal profiles

With most forms of mobile ads, marketers can also easily gather information from personal profiles and use that to tailor their advertising efforts to specific users. This leaves audiences more engaged and less likely to view ads and marketing messages as spam. 

Targeted ads are more relevant to users’ behaviors and, therefore, inherently more interesting. Users pay greater attention to these messages and are more likely to revisit the brand. 

Mobile ads are ripe for personalization and by creating tailored ad experiences marketers more effectively reach their audience. Relevant and timely ads are ideal for impactfully communicating with current and potential customers. Personalized mobile ads are ideal for building a positive relationship with users that keeps the advertising experience enjoyable, reduces ad fatigue, and fosters ongoing engagement.

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