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Jul 02, 2021

Most Viewed Video Ads: Pride 2021


June is a time to celebrate diversity and LBGTQ2S+ communities. And as much as people around the world are celebrating, so are brands. From recoloured rainbow logos to special product editions and tailored advertising campaigns, brands increasingly incorporate Pride as an integral part of their inclusive marketing strategies.

But, just because brands are showing their pride, it doesn’t mean they automatically win the support and adoration of consumers. In a crowded space, brands must do more to stand out and capture the attention of the diverse groups they serve—demonstrating how they’re showing up for their community in meaningful ways, not just showing their colours.

The Most Viewed Video Ads (MVVA) for Pride reflect this coinciding with more significant initiatives aimed to support LGBTQ2S+ communities. From charitable efforts like Proctor & Gambles Can’t Cancel Pride benefit to Google’s announcement that organizations will now have the ability to label themselves as “LGBTQ friendly” on their business profiles, the Most Viewed Video Ads for Pride 2021 promote how brands are making a difference, not just leveraging a commercial opportunity.


*Top 10 Most Viewed Video Ads: Pride 2021

Rank Company Campaign Views
1 Orbitz Travel as you are 5,944,187
2 SodaStream Share your Rainbow Story 4,292,496
3 Pet Valu Rescued by Love 2,889,751
4 Secret Don’t sweat your identity with Abby Wambach 2,465,336
5 Crest Kristen’s Story 2,351,325
6 Bud Light Parade for One 1,559,951
7 Google Support LGBTQ+ friendly spaces 1,559,531
8 Calvin Klein Moments of Pride 894,663
9 H&M Beyond the Rainbow 873,414
10 P&G Can’t Cancel Pride 816,340

*Data collected by AcuityAds True Reach™ insights platform from April 6 – June 29, 2021 


Seven out of the top ten Most Viewed Video Ads come from CPG and retail companies, including two Canadian companies—Pet Valu and Bud Light. However, Orbitz’s Travel as you are campaign took the top spot. It’s essential to note Orbitz released their campaign in April, extending campaign life beyond Pride month and perhaps being among the first to arrive at this year’s Pride party. Their campaign reminded us of how much we’ve missed travel through beautifully shot lifestyle videography and a soundtrack to match.

Among the top 10 MVVA, three themes emerged: 


1. Influencers draw eyes 

Celebrity and influencer appearances ran rampant in the top 10 list. 

Actress and activist Laverne Cox became a cartoon superhero in SodaStream’s Share your Rainbow Story campaign, highlighting LGBTQ2S+ triumphs in modern history, American soccer player Abby Wambach encouraged viewers to “Don’t sweat your identity” in Secret’s Pride video and Amazing Race winner Kristen Mckenzie shares the power of a smile in her coming out story in Crest’s campaign, among others. 


2. Personal stories tell it better 

Amplifying the voices of LGBTQ2S+ community members helps to personify the challenges being faced by the group and evoke an emotional response from viewers. Some brands used influencers to tell personal stories, while other brands opted to provide a platform for everyday people. Pet Valu’s Rescued by Love features LGBTQ2S+ influencers sharing how their rescue dog’s unconditional love helped them overcome adversity. 


3. COVID can’t stop us

The pandemic caused many of the in-personal celebrations Pride is known for to be cancelled. Many brands addressed this directly in their video campaigns. In Bud Light’s Parade for one,  Marisa Grant told her coming out story before being surprised with her very own Pride parade, complete with dancers, costumes, and a drumline. Google Pixel’s video highlighted the temporary COVID-19-induced closures of many LGBTQ2S+ gathering spaces and the importance of community. 


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