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Aug 14, 2023

Top 5 most viewed ads on YouTube right now (2023)

Dayna Lang
Author Dayna Lang

YouTube is a powerful platform for marketers, not only to share their brand through programmatic advertising, but also to attract new audiences with native advertising. 

Advertisers can post their best ads on YouTube and (with the right caption and thumbnail) watch their views and subscribers climb. This makes uploading ads on the video-sharing platform an absolute must for any brand looking to engage and grow. 

Since posting on YouTube is such a great opportunity, there are an overwhelming number of new ads uploaded every single day. Some of these ads fade into the background while others become their very own viral sensation.

The quality, content, and shareability of these ads all also play a role in how well they perform on the platform. 


Native advertising on YouTube

YouTube started in 2005 as a platform to share silly videos. Since then it has grown to be one of the primary sources of video entertainment, online and otherwise. 

In addition to being a prime spot to buy programmatic ad space, YouTube provides marketers with the opportunity to engage directly with consumers and take advantage of native advertising strategies. 

Native advertising is paid advertising where ads match the content, visual feel, and form of their surroundings. The idea is that ads blend in seamlessly with their digital environment, making them more consumable and shareable. In the case of YouTube, this can be as easy as uploading an ad to the platform.

There was a great example of this in illumin’s Best Pride Ads 2023 article, which highlighted Visible Wireless’s “No Straight Answers”. 


The top 5 most viewed ads on YouTube

While there are plenty of powerful, entertaining types of ads on YouTube, these are the top ads on YouTube based on views. 

1.  Temu – Shop like a Billionaire 

This af from Temu has managed to rake up 442 million views. This vibrant, catchy ad looks to cement Temu’s place as a go-to online marketplace and Amazon competitor. This ad highlights through a little bit of magic just how easy the app makes it to shop for quality clothes online. 

2. Clash Royale – The Last Second

Clash Royale is the first mobile game on this list with 167 million views and counting. This ad does a fantastic job of highlighting the art style, game play, and humor of the game. From mid-battle dancing to some accidental nose-picking, the comedy of this ad is what puts it over the top. 

3. Clash of Clans – Ride of the Hog Riders

With 133+ million views, this mobile game is close behind. The ad is also quite similar, which makes sense as Clash of Clans is the predecessor to Clash Royale. What this ad does differently, though, is focus more on the story in order to give potential players a better idea of what their objectives are in the game. 


4. Christian Dior – Miss Dior

This ad from Dior with 108+ million views shows just how powerful a strong narrative can be. Natalie Portman’s acting chops are put to work telling a love story and giving the audience a glimpse into the attitudes and feelings this perfume aims to convey. Since you can’t share scent through a screen (yet), Dior relies on visual cues and storytelling to impactfully convey its message. 


5. Staples – The Sign

Humor, music, dancing, this ad from Staples has worked hard to earn its 106+ million views. The familiar music goes a long way to grab attention and the parody-esque lip-syncing makes this ad un-skippable. This sign-studded music video works to not only fit in amongst other YouTube content but to stand out and snag a share or two as well. 


Key Takeaways 

YouTube is a fantastic way for brands to reach new audiences and take advantage of native advertising strategies. The bestt ads for YouTube are the ones that do exactly that.

  1. Humor is everything – users frequently turn to YouTube for a good laugh and that makes it the perfect platform for humor-filled advertisements.
  2. Music makes the heart grow fonder – familiar or catchy music has always been a staple of advertising and it is just as effective on YouTube. 
  3. Eye-catching visuals are, well, catchy – From bright colors to beautiful scenery, visually stunning ads are more likely to do well on this crowded platform.  


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