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Jul 10, 2023

The best journey advertising for political campaigns and causes

Dayna Lang
Author Dayna Lang

Journey advertising is an incredibly effective way to advertise for political campaigns and social causes.

When garnering support for political campaigns and causes, it is imperative that marketers look to journey advertising in order to most impactfully target audiences and communicate messages. 

Organizations, parties, and individuals can take advantage of journey advertising in order to communicate with their target audiences at every stage of the marketing funnel. Causes can market to new audiences and re-engage existing followers in order to make the most impact possible.

Journey advertising makes it possible to truly get inside the mind of voters, contributors, and supporters to reach them at key moments along their decision making process. It lets you better understand their motivations and deliver to them the messaging that is most effective.

This kind of targeting is seen all year round, too, not just during official election campaigns. Charities, foundations, coalitions, and unions use PSAs (Public Service Announcements) all the time in order to reach new audiences and garner support. 


Top political ads using journey advertising 

There are so many fantastic ads that utilize journey advertising to garner support for their cause, these are just a few of our favorites.

1. How to Overload a Circuit

This ad is part of a series of three PSAs called The Kids Are Not Alright. The series is the Winner of the PR Week Purpose Award for Best Public Awareness. The increasing power of the music combined with strong visuals effectively communicate the impact of digital environments of kids and teens – and how that impact can lead to depression and acts of violence against themselves or others. 


2. Love Has No Labels

The familiar music and powerful message of this ad work to convey a message of hope, joy, and love. This ad is a fantastic example of how to convey messaging with positivity, even when discussing a serious topic. From gender, to ability, to race, the music and imagery in this ad wonderfully break down barriers and show the beauty of all love. 


3. The Phone or The Road

This powerful ad from the SAAQ, the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (Quebec’s automobile and driver licensing authority) is engaging, creative, and impactful. The lighthearted start to the ad works to grab attention and the end works to stun the audience into realizing the dangers of distracted driving.

The ad is also a good length, long enough to convey a strong message, but short enough to hold attention the entire way through. 


4. UN Global Compact – Message From Carl Sagan

This ad impactfully holds its audiences attention with strong words, symbolic imagery, and a powerful message. The celebrity of Carl Sagan adds intrigue and the idyllic images of animals and childhood create a story that captures imagination and evokes emotions.

This ad works to convert – to convince those already aware of issues to get involved through an impactful emotional call to action.


Journey advertising for political causes 

Journey advertising is an effective tool for understanding your audience and communicating effectively with them throughout their decision making process. No matter the cause or perspective, communicating along a journey creates more impactful opportunities. 

The desires and level of understanding an audience has will differ at different levels of their journey and it is crucial that advertising is created to match those desires. Strong customer journey mapping lets you advertise impactful and target those desires at every stage.

From creating awareness, to encouraging action, political campaigns can greatly benefit from journey advertising. 


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