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a guide to connected journeys
Jul 13, 2021

A connected journey should be the only journey

How a full-funnel approach led to a 20% increase in average order value for a leading mattress retailer

How a full-funnel approach led to a 20% increase in average order value for a leading mattress retailer


At illumin we’re big proponents of the connected consumer journey. We know different audience segments may require different messages at different points in their journey, and not all members travel at the same speed. The value in having an advertising strategy that matches this comes through in a better user experience and improved return on advertising spend.


But don’t take our word for it, trust in the numbers. 


We recently conducted a study with Purple Innovation Inc., a leading direct-to-consumer mattress retailer to test how a connected journey compares to a traditional siloed media buy and it’s impact on average order value and return on ad spend. 


The built journey canvas included three phases:

  1. Capturing attention through brand display ads 
  2. Engaging users through product and add-on product display ads
  3. Driving conversion through financing, prospecting, and remarketing display ads


The results to date have been outstanding and largely favor the connected journey. 


20% higher average order value


“The illumin AI was above benchmark in delivering incremental return on advertising spend. Additionally, we were able to determine consumers who went through an entirely connected journey had a higher AOV than users who we exposed to a singular stage. This would have been much harder to uncover without the illumin journey canvas.”  

          — Josh Park Director of Performance Marketing at Purple


Purple isn’t the only one starting to see the benefits of a connected journey. Since launching in October 2020, illumin has been adopted by more agencies and brands who continue to increase their ad spend after experiencing similar benefits from our universally intuitive drag and drop platform. For example, a well-known pet food manufacturer recently increased their marketing spend by 80% from Q1 2021 to Q2 2021. Other illumin clients include Dell, Home Depot, Mercedes-Benz, and Fox Broadcasting — Lego Masters, just to name a few. 


“Traditional DSPs deliver the same message to consumers no matter where they are in the consumer journey, resulting in a lot of wasted ad spend. illumin bridges that gap, enabling a better user experience and increasing efficiency and return on advertising investments for marketers.”  

              — Tal Hayek, CEO and Co-Founder, AcuityAds 


As we continue to evolve our platform, the benefits of a connected, data-driven journey will only grow more apparent and be evident by measurable impact. ROI and delivery forecasting across the connected journey are the next stages planned for illumin. 


Are you ready to start building your canvas?

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