Real-Time Reactors: Weather Forecasting and Targeting

A key factor in the success of Programmatic Marketing is its data-driven and automated approach – its ability to use technology to “target and connect intelligently” with an intended market. Programmatic Marketing platforms offer a wide range of targeting tactics, including System (Operating System, Web Browser or Device Type), Geographic (Location, Postal Code), Language and Demographic targeting. Amongst these, Acuity’s Real-Time Reactors are some of the most powerful targeting mechanisms.

Real-Time Marketing

Real-Time Reactors allow you to trigger your ad delivery based on real-time events or occurrences online. One key example of these is Weather Targeting, which instantly targets audiences based on current weather conditions, temperature, wind speeds and/or humidity. This technology can predict weather conditions up to 7 days in advance, which allows you to prepare campaigns based on the coming weather conditions. Simply put, Weather Targeting allows a marketer to deliver an advertisement for snow tires to a customer who wakes up to an icy morning in October.

WeatherThere’s no denying how critically linked the weather is to a consumers’ daily life. A 2015 Research Now survey of mobile app users determined that the app category which users are most likely to share their location for is weather. We are constantly preoccupied with this element of our lives because it affects so many of our purchase decisions, the way we dress, our recreational and travel related activities, our wants for certain kinds of food and drink, our motivation to participate in events and gatherings and more.

Using Acuity’s Programmatic Platform, marketers can integrate weather targeting and forecasting into their overall digital strategy, bringing them one step closer to connecting with the consumer intelligently, at a moment that resonates with them.

By: Joanna Taccone


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