Most Viewed Video Ads: May / Week 2

Week 2 of May puts Hulu on the top spot for the Most Viewed Video Ads chart. The campaign, for Hulu’s ad-free subscription, begins as one of the classic Old Spice ads with Isaiah Mustafa. However, in a comedic twist, it turns out that it is actually “a Hulu ad to tell you that you should get Hulu with no ads.” This is Hulu’s 10th spot on the chart in 2019, and their first time in the top spot since October 2018.

Hasbro has taken this week’s chart by storm, with three separate campaigns taking the six, seven, and eight spots. These campaigns include new products from the gaming and toy company like Chow Crown and Zoops, and a campaign featuring some classics, like Twister, Jenga, and Monopoly. Check out the top 3 videos below as well at the full chart at the bottom:




Coming in first place is Hulu. Isaiah Mustafa reminds us that we should be into Hulu, but not into ads.




Coming in second place is Google, detailing that “work uninterrupted” isn’t always as easy as it seems. The comedic ad shows a business man on a webcam meeting while a child opens the office door (#worknightmare). Surely something that parents working from home can relate to. Google’s message is to help you get more (work) done, and be in the moment for the moments that matter most.




For more than 75 years the Velux Group has created better living environments by bringing daylight and fresh air into people’s homes all over the world. Their products help create bright, healthy, energy-efficient places in which to live, work, learn and play. This authentic and inspiring ad aims to get children to experience the world outside. We spend 90% of our life indoors, without enough daylight or fresh air. Isn’t it time to let nature back into our homes?


Check out the full chart below to see if your favorites made the list:



Rank Brand Campaign Name Total Views Link
1 Hulu Get Hulu With No Ads 29,454,629 WATCH NOW
2 Google Here to Help 19,279,863 WATCH NOW
3 Velux Let Nature Back Into Your Home 12,079,412 WATCH NOW
4 Dior J’adore the New Absolu 9,868,541 WATCH NOW
5 Calvin Klein Calvin Spring 2019 Campaign 9,842,499 WATCH NOW
6 Hasbro Chow Crown 7,200,249 WATCH NOW
7 Hasbro Zoops 7,019,390 WATCH NOW
8 Hasbro Hasbro Classic Games 5,190,743 WATCH NOW
9 LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart 4,960,796 WATCH NOW
10 Groupon Groupon 2018 With Tiffany Haddish 4,456,362 WATCH NOW


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