Let’s Get Digital! With Out-Of-Home Media

Advertisers may see digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising as reserved for booming metropolitans and utopian societies. While we haven’t achieved Blade Runner status yet, DOOH will eclipse traditional OOH media in just a few years. OOH media is one of the oldest and easiest to recognize forms of advertising. It uses traditional tactics such as billboards, bus shelter signs, and wacky inflatable objects. These methods are exceptionally effective for increasing brand awareness (think upper funnel). However as the capacity for and accessibility of data has increased, advertisers are flocking to DOOH media creating exciting opportunities.

So, What Can Digital Out-Of-Home Offer?

The advantages of digital out-of-home advertisements are numerous. They offer unique experiences that traditional OOH isn’t capable of. Digital allows advertisers to measure and place ads in context in outdoor settings. It allows you to consider dynamic factors such as time of day, the weather, or even the total number of users within a specific location. In 2020, digital out-of-home advertising spend in the US is set to reach $2.72 billion and capture 33% of all outdoor advertising. There are clear advantages to digital out-of-home advertising, but the goal remains the same: broadcast messages to potential users while they’re on-the-go. Take a look at how rapidly the digital medium is catching up to traditional OOH media:

US digital out-of-home ad spending

Digital Out-Of-Home Media Post COVID-19

Outdoor activity and foot traffic took a hit during Q2 lockdown. As a result, advertisers adjusted their strategies or modified their contracts to include digital components. This is because digital out-of-home provides advertisers sophisticated targeting. Advertisers have the ability to track and understand what’s happening in the moment, such as the lockdown status or political climate within a specific geography. This allows marketers to tailor their messages accordingly. eMarketer notes that most of these changes are accelerations of pre-existing trends, rather than transformative shifts in the market. As evidenced below, the largest brands in the world continue to increase their spend on OOH media year over year.

Top 5 US out-of-home advertisers

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