illumin, the new advertising automation platform from AcuityAds

How does illumin® work?

For years, marketers plan consumer journeys in stages that enter black box advertising platforms, essentially shredding the entire plan. With illumin, all this changes. illumin is Advertising Automation technology that allows advertisers to see the entire process to plan and activate omnichannel campaigns and see results on the same platform.

illumin allows advertisers to follow the consumer journey of your audience step by step to achieve conversion. illumin is automated advertising like you’ve never seen it before. You can watch the full launch event with our CEO and co-founder, Tal Hayek, accompanied by Seraj Bharwani, CSO and one of the greatest specialists in digital marketing.


The platform is based on three fundamental aspects: first, a simple “drag & drop” interface to create your strategy; second, creating a journey intelligently based on the interests of the audience; and third, the use of powerful insights capable of guaranteeing that the audience is reached when it is most willing to convert interest into purchase.

Here we describe them in more detail:


  1. illumin Consumer Journey Drag & DropConsumer Journey Canvas

Build and visualize your consumer journey like never before. Gone are the days of line item tactics, illumin replaces this archaic system with a new and streamlined canvas. Now, you can drag and drop audiences and the creatives they see at each step in the journey across any format or channel. Create custom messaging for different audience personas and take back control over the way you message consumers.


  1. illumin Consumer Valuing ToolConsumer-valuing tool

Identify, score, and use the latest advancements in automation to nurture consumers toward your desired business goals. Our valuing tool makes sure a brand never overpays to talk to a consumer. It is based on a consumer’s actual value to the brand, position in the journey, and incrementality at every ad opportunity. illumin matches each consumer with the best communication path and inserts them into the journey at the most appropriate stage.

  1. illumin Audience Engagement MapVisual media mix effectiveness

During all stages of the journey, you’ll be able to see and understand your investment across 100 percent of your reached audience. Let illumin light the path and provide a shortcut to efficiency. We offer insight into identifying the most efficient mediums to invest in across your journey that lead to better outcomes for your business.


One of the greatest advantages of illumin is that it facilitates the understanding of programmatic advertising to its users, with the ease of planning with a simple “drag & drop” interface, and the help of AI for the efficient use of investment, the process is more transparent than ever.


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