illumin™ launches custom contextual advertising that ensures precise, relevant, and safe ad placement

We know one size does not fit all. So why shouldn’t that be true for your advertising placement? AcuityAds’ revolutionary journey automation technology, illumin, now offers custom contextual advertising categories through its integration with Peer39 and GumGum, the leading global providers of advanced contextual intelligence.


What is contextual advertising?

Contextual advertising means placing ads in environments where the audience and site content are similar and more relevant to the served ad. It leverages machine learning algorithms to analyze text, keywords, and pages to understand the context of the page to provide the most relevant targeting for advertisers. Users also have the ability to exclude sensitive categories to avoid such as violence, drugs, obscenity, hate, disaster, malware, illness, and more. 

Our contextual advertising integrations leverage vendors accredited by the MRC (Media Rating Council) for content-level brand safety.


Contextual advertising categories

Contextual advertising provides advertisers the ability to target contextually relevant categories for specific advertising tactics. Users can choose from standard curated categories by Peer39 and GumGum or design their own with our new custom categories feature. Custom contextual categories allow advertisers to target with more precision than ever before, ensuring relevant ad placement with the highest degree of brand safety. 


See the power of contextual advertising for yourself

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