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For far too long, a gap has existed between the planning and the execution of digital advertising campaigns.

Marketers plan their media in three phases: awareness, engagement, and conversion. What happens next? That plan is sent to the digital advertising team who spend dozens of hours setting up line item tactics inside an advertising platform. This team is essentially shredding the entire plan by executing against individual messages instead of the entire consumer journey.

illumin® was developed by AcuityAds to radically reimagine the future of advertising. illumin is a natural interface to streamline advertising and marketing programs, allowing brands to better guide users through the consumer journey.

Marketers planning the customer journey

What is illumin?

illumin was designed from the ground up to help advertisers see through the clutter of programmatic advertising. Anyone can execute campaigns and consumer journeys exactly as they plan them using illumin’s simple drag & drop interface. illumin is powered by artificial intelligence to find the quickest path-to-purchase with the most efficient messaging to deliver superior ROAS (return on advertising spend).

Meet the journey canvas

Gone are the days of black box line item tactics. illumin provides a canvas for intuitive mapping of omnichannel customer journeys with insights in real-time. The illumin journey canvas allows marketers to build and visualize the consumer journey like never before. Now, you can drag and drop audiences and the creatives they see at each step in the journey across any format or channel. Create custom messaging for different audience personas and take back control over the way you message consumers.

Consumer-valuing tool 

illumin comes equip with a consumer-valuing tool to identify, score, and nurture consumers toward your desired business goals. Our valuing tool makes sure a brand never overpays to talk to a consumer. It is based on a consumer’s actual value to the brand, position in the journey, and incrementality at every ad opportunity. illumin matches each consumer with the best communication path and inserts them into the journey at the most appropriate stage.

Visualize your media mix with real-time insights

During all stages of the journey, you’ll be able to see and understand your investment across 100 percent of your reached audience. Let illumin light the path and provide a shortcut to efficiency in real-time. illumin offers insight into identifying the most efficient mediums to invest in across your journey that lead to better outcomes for your business.

Why illumin?

In 2020, the covid pandemic accelerated the need for businesses to “go digital” and place their offerings online. Literally 10 years of growth happened in the course of 8 weeks as ecommerce’ share of total retail sales skyrocketed.

As a result, brands are turning to digital to connect with their audience and find additional sources of revenue. illumin offers brands of all sizes an entry point to the digital ecosystem and efficiency at scale for advertisers. illumin allows you to plan the consumer journey in a frictionless way, compressing the path-to-purchase for consumers.

Most brands are used to traditional problem/solution advertising via broadcast media. illumin enhances the effectiveness of your media mix by enabling programmatic advertising for any marketer. Brands approaching the digital market for the first time don’t have to worry about how their consumers are going to find them. illumin is here to take you into the digital realm successfully with media expertise across a variety of categories.

Try illumin today!

Build your consumer journey, find out what works, light up your digital ads. With illumin, anyone can advertise online. Simply fill out the form and one of our representatives will get back to you.

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