Holiday Survival Tips for Digital Marketers by Digital Marketers

The holiday season is upon us and we know you’re all gearing up for some peaceful and relaxing time at home. Unfortunately, as digital marketers, those campaigns just don’t run themselves! The holidays can be extremely stressful for media buyers, campaign managers and anyone involved in the digital marketing task. We are all concerned about the health of our programs whether or not we are in the office. Our teams have been working for months on the fundamentals like website design, check-out process, SEO and more, and we can’t let them down in the critical months ahead. Fear not! We’ve gone around and asked members of our team what they think are the top Holiday Survival Tips. Here’s what we recommend so you can enjoy your time and confidently kickstart 2020.

Holiday Survival Tips From the Acuity Team

Recommendation #1: Be Proactive with Monitoring and be Ready to Adapt Jake Heiser

Recommended by Jake Heiser, Director, Platform Solutions

During the big Q4 holiday push there is intense competition for media. What you had originally planned or been working with may not be an option anymore. Consumers move quick during this time period. Being proactive about monitoring or automating reports will help you be ahead of the curve on optimizations and plan changes. This will also keep your holidays and weekends as little interfered by work as possible. Working through a DSP gives you this control in real-time making out of office notices and vendor vacations easier to manage.

Nicole BastowRecommendation #2: Plan Ahead!

Recommended by Nicole Bastow, Campaign Manager, Team Lead

Make sure you have your holiday campaigns planned out in well in advance to avoid any delays that might pop up. The holidays are a very busy time in advertising. Planning ahead helps make sure all campaigns are setup and ready to serve ads on the critical days of the season like Black Friday or Christmas.

Recommendation #3: Don’t Spend Unless You Have to

Inbar Ruben

Recommended by Inbar Ruben, Self-Serve Partner Manager

The holiday season is the best time of the year for some brands/product/verticals. For others it doesn’t add any additional value, like a Law firm for example. If your product isn’t seasonally influenced, advertising during this time of the year would be three times more expensive than any other time. “Avoid rush hour” and save the money by holding off campaigns until January 2nd, if you can and costs will drop by >50%.

Recommendation #4: Talk to your team!Rohan O'Donnell

Recommended by Rohan O’Donnell, Strategist

It’s a busy time of year. There may be a million things to think about but there’s no need to stress out! Ask those around you for support. Most mistakes are avoidable so a second set of eyes can make all the difference. The hard work will pay off, enjoy the holidays ????

That’s a wrap! Hopefully these Holiday Survival Tips will inspire you to make a few changes to your approach so you can be more successful through the season. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you’d like to chat with someone from our team about how to succeed with your digital advertising, and enjoy your holidays while doing it!

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