Ecommerce Pros Talk DTC – The Good, The Bad, And The Opportunity

DTC Ecommerce growth is accelerating and so is the process of natural selection. Achieving scale and profitability is limited to under %1 of the brands selling online. In this Virtual Panel, moderated by AcuityAds’ Chief of Strategy, Seraj Bharwani, we discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with launching and growing a DTC eCommerce business.

Our panel of experts included: Beverly Stotz, former North American CMO of illycaffè with over 20 years of experience building a successful DTC coffee business, and Allan Peretz, President of Bold Strategies with over 25 years of experience launching DTC brands for P&G and other global consumer brands.

Ecommerce Pros Talk DTC

Amazing discussion revealed the enormous potential for companies both large and small to protect and gain market share. Mega marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart are now used alongside a captive, DTC presence facilitated by platforms like Shopify. Omnichannel marketing using a broad media mix of social, search, programmatic and retail media is more accessible than ever to acquire new customers and build a sustainable DTC brand franchise online.

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