The Path to Delivering an Intelligent Solution for Attention Advertising

In an effort to keep up with the times of the highly competitive AdTech market, we have been working to offer customers technology beyond a demand-side platform (DSP). In a digital environment where attention spans are inherently short, advertisers need solutions that enable them to navigate and command the digital landscape in a way that optimizes campaign performance and focuses on the amount of time a consumer spends with advertiser digital media. This has driven our renewed focus in more than just connecting advertisers with consumers, but in pursuing what we call Attention Advertising.

Attention Advertising

Continually enhancing our core technology and bringing new solutions into our toolbox allows us to provide increasingly refined performance benchmarking and insights to marketers. Technology that is rooted in data gathering and machine learning helps our clients optimize ad campaign performance from the standpoint of better understanding their customers, as well as automatic ad serving.

Connecting with desired audiences in an increasingly digital world requires thoughtful consideration of all factors that impact consumer attention. Considering the quantity of data and variety of targeting tactics that can be incorporated into modern campaigns, it is imperative to use technology to accomplish competitive advertising goals. To get desirable ROI out of digital advertising, a manual approach is no longer an option when there are advertisers leveraging automation. For example, using unique audience segmentation tools like social data can heavily influence the outcomes of campaigns. These unique tools of automation are areas where some of the most popular analytics platforms often drop the ball.

In an effort to provide customers with the most accurate view of their customers and help them improve ad performance, we’ve expanded our tool set to provide a 360 degree solution that focuses on Attention Advertising. Our solution set has evolved to include not only our core programmatic DSP with proprietary, machine learning for ad serving, but now also game-changing tools that help advertisers learn about their customers in much greater depth through social data and attention benchmarking and insights.

A Programmatic Foundation

AcuityAds launched as a programmatic platform, initially. So, what’s that? Programmatic delivers an automation system that can produce greater effectiveness and efficiency in the ad buying process. It enables advertisers to incorporate brand safety, fraud protection, inventory access at scale, multi-channel considerations and more from a single technology platform. Its popularity as the ad delivery method of choice is ever-growing, proven each year with new and surprising industry size results. Programmatic display ad spending is predicted to reach $46 billion this year in the US alone and projected to see an 86.2% increase by 2020 according to eMarketer.

Establish Relevant, One-to-One Connections

The hardest part of programmatic is creating relevant, one-to-one connections between brands and buyers. When done correctly, these connections will help you reach your most valuable audiences at the right time, with the right message.

We accomplish this by blending and interpreting data from more than 700 million public social accounts using exclusive to AcuityAds Blended Interest Graph Technology, which considers what people are sharing, where they’re going, hobbies they’ve pinned to social media and the influencers they follow to create custom audience segments for digital advertising campaigns. Audiences created using this technology are nuanced, comprehensive and accurate. As an advertising target tactic and data source, advertisers using social data spend more efficiently by reaching more targeted audiences.

Attention Advertising

It’s no longer enough for an advertiser to simply communicate with prospects on a one-to-one level, our research has proven that the amount of time users spend with digital advertising makes a difference in brand equity and favorability. To truly obtain a 360-degree view of the effectiveness of your digital program, it’s critical to benchmark digital ad campaign performance, relative to a competitive set, before and after campaign execution. Using the True Reach® Insights Platform, advertisers immediately gain an understanding of consumer attention to their advertisements and can compare this to that of their competitors both before, during and after campaign execution.

As a technology partner, Acuity is committed to responding, reacting and delivering a programmatic solution that helps our customers achieve successful digital marketing campaigns through Attention Advertising.

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