AcuityAds Acquires ADman Media, aims to Capture a Larger Share of the Hispanic Advertising Market

Today we announced the closing of our Adman Media acquisition. This exciting addition to our technology family comes at an important time in our company’s history. You might remember that we joined the Portada Council of the Americas, which was launched during Portada Miami back in April. This council includes more than 70 senior brand marketing, agency and media executives from all over the Americas and being a part of it allows us to offer perspective on the issues that face the modern advertiser and specifically focusing in on a multicultural approach to digital advertising. Part of the decision to join this council was our interest in understanding and better servicing this large segment of the North American population.  Pew Research reports that the Latino population in the U.S. has been the principal driver of U.S. demographic growth, accounting for half of the national population growth since 2000.

A little bit about ADman Media 

Founded in 2010, ADman Media has developed a video Supply Side Platform (SSP) for native formats.  ADman Media’s video SSP solution enables the seamless distribution of advertisers’ video content through high quality publishers to achieve optimum engagement with audiences and maximize publisher revenues. ADman Media is headquartered in Spain and has sales offices in the U.S., France, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. ADman is the largest video SSP for Spanish-speaking markets in Europe and Latin America.

Why we believe this acquisition will benefit our customers

  • This acquisition expands our addressable market by entering the publisher-direct video supply market,
  • It provides complementary and incremental opportunities for our team to leverage ADman Media’s unique inventory and video ad streaming platform for current and prospective clients, and,
  • Finally, it extends our global footprint across 9 additional markets including Europe, Latin America and the US

AcuityAds' Global Presence

Our intention is to leverage this extended global footprint to better service our new and existing customers all over the world who are looking to benefit from our leading advertising technology and for brands seeking to reach Spanish-speaking audiences in particular in Europe, Latin America and the US.

A note from our leader, Tal Hayek,

“We are thrilled to be adding ADman Media and its team to the AcuityAds family.  Adman Media’s supply side offerings are very complementary to our demand side offerings and together provide publishers and advertisers a more holistic and powerful suite of solutions to enable more effective execution of their digital advertising initiatives,” stated Tal Hayek, CEO and Co-founder of AcuityAds. “This acquisition also expands our global footprint and provides incremental revenue growth opportunities in the U.S. market by leveraging ADman Media’s unique inventory and video ad streaming platform.”

Full details regarding the acquisition can be found on our website by reading our latest press release here. We will continue to embrace the complexities of multicultural advertising strategy and technological support.

For further information regarding this recent acquisition announcement, please contact:

Tal Hayek

Chief Executive Officer

AcuityAds Holdings Inc.



Jonathan Pollack

Chief Financial Officer

AcuityAds Holdings Inc.



Babak Pedram

Investor Relations

Virtus Advisory Group Inc.



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