Canadian Digital Video of the Month – #TDThanksYou

TD Bank - Thank You

The True Reach® Insights Platform was designed to harness all publicly available view data for digital video campaigns and track how the content performs in real-time. By gauging the specifics of how users are interacting with content across dozens of major platforms including YouTube and Facebook, the platform can help brands to understand their Share […]

Which Advertiser Won The Super Bowl?

During Super Bowl LII forty-three campaigns from thirty-nine advertisers were tracked, which resulted in 55 million video views online on game day alone. In addition to the official TV spots that aired, advertisers uploaded more than 260 pieces of video content online. All of this data was tracked using the True Reach® insights platform Celebrities […]

How Timing Can Make or Break Your Ad Campaign

The best advertising campaigns deliver the right message to the right audience, at the right time. Achieving this end goal requires a combination of data and technologies. Data can inform everything from strategy to campaign execution, and then technology, including Artificial Intelligence, can enable successful campaign delivery and ongoing optimization. In an increasingly digital age, […]