AcuityAds on Cannabis Advertising

According to Statista, legal cannabis sales are projected to reach 23 billion USD by 2025 (up from 9.84 billion USD this year alone). It’s a no-brainer that cannabis industry digital advertising will be a powerful tool to capture consumer attention in this booming market as cannabis entrepreneurs continue to grow their brands. We understand the […]

Recapping Advertising Week New York 2018

This year marked the 15th year of Advertising Week New York and it was certainly a momentous year as it was the first time everything was under one roof! The AMC Loews Cinema on the Upper West Side turned into a mecca for advertisers, agencies, creatives, tech gurus, publishers and more with 380+ seminars and […]

4 Critical Questions to Close the Data Gap in Digital Advertising

The data gap is a critical hindrance to transparency in the digital advertising industry, as evidenced by the ANA’s survey of both agencies and advertisers. Bringing these questions to the table in an open agency-advertiser-technology vendor discussion is the first step towards a remedy.