AcuityAds on Cannabis Advertising

According to Statista, legal cannabis sales are projected to reach 23 billion USD by 2025 (up from 9.84 billion USD this year alone). It’s a no-brainer that cannabis industry digital advertising will be a powerful tool to capture consumer attention in this booming market as cannabis entrepreneurs continue to grow their brands. We understand the […]

Segmenting Customers with First Party Data is the Way of the Future

Segment 1st Party

First-party data can give marketers incredible power when it comes to making one-to-one connections with customers using market segmentation. Harnessing it is no easy task, however, technology is helping us to simplify usage and, first party data is quickly becoming the way of the future to digital marketing.

How Real-Time Insights Create Better Content and Efficient Media Planning

Customer perception changes quickly. It can take just a single poorly thought-out ad to lose a customer. Look no further than the great Pepsi ad scandal of 2017, in which the soda-giant took considerable heat for a commercial that showed model Kendall Jenner ending a fictional political protest by handing a police officer a can of Pepsi. This is why the use of real-time insights is critical to any advertising strategy.