Let Social Data Introduce You To Your Perfect Audience

Social Data Graph

Your customers aren’t one-dimensional and they can’t be defined or categorized by one single characteristic. For example, just because someone likes hiking, doesn’t mean they four wheel. A baseball fan, may not actually like beer. Not all mom’s bake and drive minivans, and not all 20 something’s care about the same things. If you try […]

How You Can Harness The True Potential of Social for Digital Advertising

Facebook and Instagram Users

We’ve been following along with eMarketer’s Social Series, where each day they focused on the audiences of today’s most relevant social platforms including: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and SnapChat. As we look toward the closing of this year and ahead at 2019, this was a great series to help us understand what is really going […]

How we Build Audiences That Are Nuanced, Comprehensive And Accurate

Creating relevant, one-to-one connections between brands and buyers is the hardest part of programmatic advertising. This is because today’s internet users are savvy. Research shows that internet users aren’t totally adverse to online advertising, but the format and relevance of your message is critical and ads should not impede on the users’ overall experience. Otherwise, […]