Paradigm Shift: How Machine Learning Brings Man-Made Advertising Strategies to Life

Technology is raising the standard in not only the ways advertisers present information to their audiences, but also how they identify their target audiences and the best ad formats to reach them with. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are playing a critical role in this paradigm shift, helping companies realize the value of active engagement […]

There’s an Algorithm for that!

Machine Learning is the technology under the hood of many if not all marketing and advertising technology platforms today. It’s signature is the use of a, typically custom-built, algorithm that processes huge amounts of data continuously to deliver back new results in real-time, allowing us to learn from things that happen, preferences, and actions, in a faster way than ever before possible.

The New AcuityAds Self-Serve Programmatic Marketing Platform is Here and It’s Ultra-Intuitive

We recently introduced a new version of our programmatic marketing platform. The new version boasts an ultra-intuitive user interface to make programmatic marketing accessible to marketers of all skill levels. Our partners have been excited to see things like easier creation and management of campaigns, which we hope are the kind of improvements that will make our self-serve platform just as accessible to marketers who are new to programmatic as it is to veterans.

Top 5 reasons to meet AcuityAds at #MWC17

We are more than thrilled to be participating in the upcoming Mobile World Congress in beautiful Barcelona. While we’re definitely excited for the Spanish cuisine and amazing architecture we are mostly looking forward to the opportunities this leading technology conference presents.

4 Critical Questions to Close the Data Gap in Digital Advertising

The data gap is a critical hindrance to transparency in the digital advertising industry, as evidenced by the ANA’s survey of both agencies and advertisers. Bringing these questions to the table in an open agency-advertiser-technology vendor discussion is the first step towards a remedy.