AcuityAds on Cannabis Advertising

According to Statista, legal cannabis sales are projected to reach 23 billion USD by 2025 (up from 9.84 billion USD this year alone). It’s a no-brainer that cannabis industry digital advertising will be a powerful tool to capture consumer attention in this booming market as cannabis entrepreneurs continue to grow their brands. We understand the […]

Programmatic Ad Formats Mini-Series: Native

Formats: Native

Native advertising was introduced to the market just a few years ago and has brought about fresh opportunities for advertisers to reach consumers in relatively inconspicuous ways. These ads typically manifest as an article or video, produced by an advertiser. They have the specific intent to promote a product, while matching the form and style […]

Programmatic Ad Formats Mini-Series: Video

As we continue our mini-learning series on programmatic ad formats, today we’ll be taking a closer look at programmatic video advertising.   The quantity of digital and offline media available to users today is growing at an exponential rate. Audiences are bombarded with massive amounts of information, such that it is impossible for a user […]

Programmatic Ad Formats Mini-Series: Audio

Streaming Music Services are the most preferred sources of audio

Continuing with our Programmatic Ad Formats series we’ll be reviewing a new(er) kid on the block: programmatic audio. This is an exciting addition to digital advertising that was only enabled quite recently in programmatic platforms like ours. Brand marketers have long understood the power of audio messaging to connect with audiences. Whether delivered in a […]

Programmatic Ad Formats Mini-Series: Display

Display Format

This week we’re kicking off a new series of learning on the topic of Programmatic Ad Formats beginning with the most traditional method of digital advertising: display. It is worth noting that almost any ad format today can be accessed “programmatically,” meaning through a programmatic marketing platform that uses real-time bidding such as our own, […]

How we Build Audiences That Are Nuanced, Comprehensive And Accurate

Creating relevant, one-to-one connections between brands and buyers is the hardest part of programmatic advertising. This is because today’s internet users are savvy. Research shows that internet users aren’t totally adverse to online advertising, but the format and relevance of your message is critical and ads should not impede on the users’ overall experience. Otherwise, […]

What is Real-Time Bidding?

What is Real Time Bidding?

Real-time bidding (RTB) is what its name suggests: advertisers bid in real-time on ads to be placed and distributed in a publication, app, feed, network or other media of your choosing. The practice has completely changed the digital advertising industry, but some advertisers may still be confused as to what it actually is. Real-time bidding […]

Why Machine Learning Elevates Programmatic Advertising

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning

If programmatic is the car you’re driving, machine learning is the engine that powers it. Often spoken about interchangeably with a number of other topics like Artificial Intelligence (AI), programmatic buying and deep learning, machine learning is a type of AI that provides computers with the ability to learn things by being programmed specifically to […]

Debunking Ad Fraud Misconceptions

Top 5 Ad Fraud Misconceptions

Digital ad fraud touches everyone in the online marketing industry. While there remains a learning curve about ad fraud and the best ways to combat it, digital marketers would agree that there is a clear call to action to proactively prevent ad fraud in the future. The problem is uncovering the best way to make it happen.