Most Viewed Video Ads: Mother’s Day

How are brands approaching the trials and tribulations of parenthood? There may be no better barometer than the plethora of ads that come out around Mother’s Day. Every year, thousands of Mother’s Day ads tug at our heartstrings to encourage gift-giving. And this year, a number of non-retail brands jumped on Mother’s Day mania too. Touching […]

Help Moms Get the Attention They Deserve This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is no doubt a special event for families and advertisers alike as we communally show our appreciation for perhaps the most important person in many peoples’ lives. With the event just around the corner, brands everywhere have been capitalizing on the holiday in order to create a lasting connections with moms. Here is […]

Which Advertiser Stole Your Heart This Mother’s Day?

This year Mother’s Day wasn’t just celebrated in homes across the continent, it was also celebrated by brand advertisers. Digital video campaigns garnered millions of video views, measured by our True Reach® Insights Platform. Don’t forget that the True Reach® Insights Platform measures both paid and organic digital video media. Social views are garnered by […]