Recapping Advertising Week New York 2018

This year marked the 15th year of Advertising Week New York and it was certainly a momentous year as it was the first time everything was under one roof! The AMC Loews Cinema on the Upper West Side turned into a mecca for advertisers, agencies, creatives, tech gurus, publishers and more with 380+ seminars and […]

There’s an Algorithm for that!

Machine Learning is the technology under the hood of many if not all marketing and advertising technology platforms today. It’s signature is the use of a, typically custom-built, algorithm that processes huge amounts of data continuously to deliver back new results in real-time, allowing us to learn from things that happen, preferences, and actions, in a faster way than ever before possible.

4 Critical Questions to Close the Data Gap in Digital Advertising

The data gap is a critical hindrance to transparency in the digital advertising industry, as evidenced by the ANA’s survey of both agencies and advertisers. Bringing these questions to the table in an open agency-advertiser-technology vendor discussion is the first step towards a remedy.