Just Asking For a Friend: Acuity Live Audiences

It’s time to say goodbye to manual audience segmentation. For starters, it sets buyers up for inefficient and ineffective campaign management. Buyers need to cherry-pick from innumerable audience attributes, across many data sources, to build segments. They also need to manually track and analyze performance (an incredibly slow process), then make manual adjustments. The “mass […]

Building Real Relationships for Pride Month

Pride kickoff is in full swing. According to Forbes, LGBTQ audiences represent more than a whopping $1 trillion dollars in spending power. New research from Hornet.com and Kantar Consulting shows that this market is currently the fastest-growing market right now, and is only expected to grow. However, the study also found a surprising 66% of […]

IDSD Breakout Session: Building Brands in the Age of AI

AcuityAds sponsored IDSD (SDX Interactive Day San Diego) last week to connect with brands, agencies and entrepreneurs in the marketing and advertising community. Leading trailblazers in brand, marketing, tech, and digital shared their inspiring stories that are shaping the future of our industry. We sat in with Michael D. Andrew, VP of Strategy & Growth […]

Help Moms Get the Attention They Deserve This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is no doubt a special event for families and advertisers alike as we communally show our appreciation for perhaps the most important person in many peoples’ lives. With the event just around the corner, brands everywhere have been capitalizing on the holiday in order to create a lasting connections with moms. Here is […]

The Benefits of Understanding Consumer Lifestyle

By using decision science to decode a consumer’s lifestyle, marketers can discover key interests and passions that can inform how they connect with audiences. Using live data sources from over 700M+ profiles, we can see things like consumer interests, passions, site-search behavior, and purchase intent. The technology we have available today gives us a holistic […]

Just Asking For a Friend: In-Culture Advertising

In today’s “Asking for a Friend” series, we are going to break down In-Culture Advertising: what it is, what it is not, and why it is so important. In the ever-evolving marketing world, it is crucial to keep pace with demographic change – and even better to stay ahead. Significant changes in the U.S. cultural […]

Just Asking For a Friend: The Consumer Journey

The consumer journey has seen a lot of change over the years. Traditionally, it was thought of as a funnel. A linear process regardless of the industry or purchase type. B2B and B2C marketers alike agree that every single project, asset or initiative undertaken, has been driven by the idea of corresponding to one stage of […]

Just Asking For a Friend: Decision Science

We’re kicking off a new series called “Just Asking For a Friend” to break down some tricky digital advertising terms that you might not feel comfortable discussing in the break room or important meetings. Don’t fret! We are here to assuage your fears and will help you brush up on key subjects like live audiences, […]

AI Advancements for 2019

Artificial intelligence automates “intelligent” processes – i.e. human-esque tasks like decision making, problem solving and learning – that would otherwise require human intervention. And because computers are lightning fast, AI works and acts with speed and precision that mere mortals could never hope to achieve. Here is a quick look at how we got here: […]

Paradigm Shift: How Machine Learning Brings Man-Made Advertising Strategies to Life

Technology is raising the standard in not only the ways advertisers present information to their audiences, but also how they identify their target audiences and the best ad formats to reach them with. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are playing a critical role in this paradigm shift, helping companies realize the value of active engagement […]