Paradigm Shift: How Machine Learning Brings Man-Made Advertising Strategies to Life

Technology is raising the standard in not only the ways advertisers present information to their audiences, but also how they identify their target audiences and the best ad formats to reach them with. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are playing a critical role in this paradigm shift, helping companies realize the value of active engagement […]

3 Reasons to Invest in Video

The quantity of digital and offline media available users today is growing at an exponential rate. Audiences are bombarded with massive amounts of information, such that it is impossible for a user to acknowledge everything they are exposed to. How should we overcome this attention challenge? We can begin with understanding that the medium of communication is critically important. If we are trying to convince users to give us their attention, shouldn’t we use an ad format they prefer? A large quantity of recent research points to a preference for video when it comes to content consumption. Let’s discuss the top three reasons why.

What You Need To Know About The Vertical Video Trend

One advertising format that has seems to have gone viral this year is vertical video. While this only represents a small portion of video inventory sold today, there are reasons to believe that it will become more popular among advertisers in the near future.